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Like so many of you, I have seen firsthand the fear, uncertainty and pain that comes with a cancer diagnosis for a loved one. Every year, more than 1.7 million cancer cases are diagnosed. But, like the American Cancer Society (ACS), I imagine a world free from cancer. That’s why for the past several years, I have been a member of the CEOs Against Cancer Missouri - St. Louis Chapter and support these organizations’ amazing efforts to help patients, and their families, as they fight this terrible disease.

But this isn’t just a personal passion, at UMB we are supporting programs that make the treatment process a little easier for patients and their caregivers. Later this year I’ll have the honor of chairing the 2019 Champions of Hope Gala.

Will you join me in supporting ACS? Over the next few months, UMB associates will take advantage of several opportunities to get involved with and to support the American Cancer Society.

Support the Hope Lodge St. Louis Capital Campaign. Consider making a personal contribution to help build a new and improved Hope Lodge in St. Louis. The facility offers cancer patients, and their caregivers, a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment is in another city. ACS recently launched a capital campaign. With a goal of $10 million, Hope Lodge St. Louis has already reached the halfway mark raising $5 million—including a $500,000 gift from the Enid and Crosby Kemper Foundation, UMB Bank, N.A., trustee. UMB associates who make a qualifying contribution can double their gift through the UMB Matching Gift Program.

Volunteer at Hope Lodge. UMB associates will prepare a meal for the guests at Hope Lodge St. Louis.

Get screened. Thursday September 26th, 2019 the Women's BRG will host the Siteman Cancer Center Mammography Van outside UMB's downtown branch. Mammograms are available at no cost to women who qualify. Appointments begin at 8:00 am. Schedule your appointment by calling 314-747-7222 or 800-600-3606 (option#2)

I hope you’ll get involved and will join me in supporting the American Cancer Society and Hope Lodge St. Louis.


Peter Blumeyer

President, UMB Bank St. Louis Region

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This website is administered solely by American Cancer Society, which is not affiliated with UMB Financial Corporation or its subsidiaries. All payments will be processed by the American Cancer Society and its vendors. Please review the American Cancer Society’s  Privacy Policy for more information.

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In honor of family and friends who have battled this disease, often unsuccessfully, but always with courage, especially Janice Farrell.
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In honor of all of those I have loved and lost to this terrible disease
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In honor of all UMB employees whose lives have been touched by cancer
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