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Think you can run 565 miles #notanotherBRRx2?  What if you had a month #notovernight? What if you could do it on a bike #gears?  Want to try help those that have deployed more times in the past 15 years than any other unit #tipofthespear?  Then welcome to the 2018 version of the F3 Darby Challenge.

The 3rd annual F3 Darby Challenge is F3 Nation’s contribution to Run Ranger Run, an event held every February throughout the country.  Run Ranger Run is GallantFew’s annual fundraiser, and it is the collective goal to raise as many funds as possible to do the work we do to transition veterans to civilian life, and benefit the communities they live in.  

Last year, the F3 Nation came through BIG TIME and raised over $10,000 for Run Ranger Run.  This year we are aiming even higher, but your responsibility is less #notfakemath.  The goal for this year is for multiple regions to form teams and each knock out the 565 miles.  That’s. It. $28 of your $35 registration goes to GallantFew. That means each team of 10 raises $280 by just, signing, up.

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