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  • Checklist of Best Practices

Your Gift helps us meet our 2017 goals!

Donation Amount

$10.00: We can share a Great Idea, a description of a small architectural feature that can make a big difference to a resident in need.

$20.00: We can post an Interview of an industry expert so that homelessness organizations can learn from that person’s experiences

$50.00: We can create a new Spotlight Report explaining the architectural needs of elderly people experiencing homelessness

$150.00: We can offer a new Case Study of a successful low-income housing project, spreading successful building design ideas to others

$200.00: We can develop a Checklist of Best Practices, helping shelters and low-income housing project designers include research-informed features that really matter to residents   

Did you know that by covering the processing fee, Design Resources for Homelessness will be able to assist more homeless people?

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    Payment Information

    All funds raised by Design Resources for Homelessness are received by United Charitable and become the sole property of United Charitable which, for internal operating purposes, allocates the donations to the Design Resources for Homelessness. The Program Manager (Design Resources for Homelessness) makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by United Charitable for approval.