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Thank you to our dedicated community! 

The Society is made up of many men and women who dedicate their time and effort to helping us achieve our mission. It’s thanks to the commitment and involvement of these active community members that we’re able to make an even bigger difference in the lives of people living with ALS. 

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Top Fundraisers

ANA Architecture inc.  donated  $500.00        Consultants BVA Ltée  donated  $500.00        Magdi Habra  donated  $500.00        Michel Lakah  donated  $500.00        Camille Helou  donated  $300.00        Joseph Samaras  donated  $300.00        Rafik Khayat  donated  $300.00        Élias Élie KASSISSIA  donated  $230.00        Vente de chocolats  donated  $213.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $200.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $200.00        Demetrios Petropoulos  donated  $200.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $150.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $150.00        Audrey Dupéré  donated  $150.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $120.00        Bahjat Ghattas  donated  $120.00        Anonymous donor  donated  $100.00        Antoine Tabet  donated  $100.00        Fady Awad  donated  $100.00        iSM  donated  $100.00        Joseph Chammas  donated  $100.00        Martin Laflamme  donated  $100.00        Nabil Haddad  donated  $100.00        Panagiota Bertha Cholakis  donated  $100.00        Richard Quesnel  donated  $100.00        Samir Tadros  donated  $100.00        Steve Nadeau  donated  $100.00        Steven Chaker  donated  $100.00        Xavier Benarosch  donated  $100.00        Yvan Desrochers  donated  $75.00        Cynthia Trottier  donated  $60.00        Anastasia Rawicz  donated  $50.00        Anita Nahhas  donated  $50.00        Arlette Niedoba  donated  $50.00        Badra Nakab  donated  $50.00        Caroline Doré  donated  $50.00        Denise Caux  donated  $50.00        Denise Slim  donated  $50.00        Francis Blais  donated  $50.00        Gaston Demers  donated  $50.00        Ginette Drouin  donated  $50.00        Hanna Hanna  donated  $50.00        Hélène Pichette  donated  $50.00        Ho Tzu-Ching  donated  $50.00        Jacques Levesque  donated  $50.00        Léo Nadeau  donated  $50.00        Marie-Claude Gravel  donated  $50.00        Mei-Chen Wu  donated  $50.00        Michael Kasparian  donated  $50.00        Michele Tremblay  donated  $50.00        Michelle Nadeau  donated  $50.00        Nathalie Lavoie  donated  $50.00        Nicole Chevalier  donated  $50.00        Shou-Li Lin  donated  $50.00        Vichy Aya Douma  donated  $50.00        Vrej-Armen Artinian  donated  $50.00        Shih-Nai Jou  donated  $44.00        Jacinthe Dufort  donated  $40.00        Jean Savoie  donated  $40.00        Martin Lecompte  donated  $40.00        Karine St-Louis  donated  $30.00        Marcelle Lalande  donated  $30.00        Sébastien Dubé  donated  $30.00        Caroline Menier  donated  $25.00        Danielle Element  donated  $25.00        Isabelle Tremblay  donated  $25.00        Lucie martel  donated  $25.00        Audrey Bouchard  donated  $20.00        Christian Mailly  donated  $20.00        Christina Simard  donated  $20.00        Christine Asselin  donated  $20.00        Christine Girard  donated  $20.00        Claudia Lalande  donated  $20.00        Diane Quesnel  donated  $20.00        Francine St-Pierre  donated  $20.00        Gilles Perreault  donated  $20.00        Joëlle Beaulieu-Gagnon  donated  $20.00        Josée Bisson  donated  $20.00        Julie Lapierre  donated  $20.00        Maryse Coulombe  donated  $20.00        Melanie Pichette  donated  $20.00        Mélanie Quenneville  donated  $20.00        Mylène Brière  donated  $20.00        Nathalie Normandeau  donated  $20.00        Patrice D’aoust  donated  $20.00        Raynald Quesnel  donated  $20.00        Sara Duchesne  donated  $20.00        Sylvain Roy  donated  $20.00        Véronique Fontaine  donated  $20.00        AGS Entrepreneur Général Inc.  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous donor  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous donor  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous donor  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous donor  donated an undisclosed amount         Caroline Tremblay  donated an undisclosed amount         frances gorzalka  donated an undisclosed amount         Gaby Oueini  donated an undisclosed amount         NATACHA SETTON  donated an undisclosed amount         Shou-Li Lin  donated an undisclosed amount        
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