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Welcome to Cuso International's Fundraising Portal!

As a volunteer, we hope that you find this a useful tool for reaching out to your family, friends and networks.

Once you LOGIN you will be able to continue your fundraising by adding a message and photos to your page. You can see who has sponsored you, share your page on social networking sites/blogs, and track your progress toward meeting your fundraising goals.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure that Cuso International's important work can continue in the years to come.


Laurie Buske
Director of Resource Development

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Need help?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email Amie for help (amie.gibson@cusointernational.org)

To reach our donation line by phone, dial 1-888-434-2876 ext. 222

For technical support, dial 1-888-434-2876 ext. 245

Top Fundraisers | Wall of Fame

Chris Braeuel$10,571.44
Ishwar Persad$10,001.00
Nance Austin$8,783.00
Karen Larsen$8,425.45
Roy Kirkpatrick$7,967.44
Dave Vincent$6,844.00
Carol Munro$6,610.00
Tony Dawson$6,576.00
Anjali Oberai & Mike Cotterill$6,008.00
Ishwar Persad$6,000.00
Marian Dodds$5,050.00
Anne & Andy Joyce$4,860.00
Jody Paterson$4,850.00
Merle Kindred$4,625.00
Diane Janzen$4,512.13
The Stows$4,471.00
Karim Dhanani$4,470.00
Rene Toupin-Piper$4,411.00
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