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$20,000 Goal
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$13,622 Raised

The funds we raise will allow us to have a longer term impact on the community we visit. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to help families who are particularly in need, supporting them with housing repairs and medical support (read their stories below).

In addition to supporting these families, the funds may also be used for:

- Helping to build a chapel for the nearby prison, which houses inmates as well as their families (in some cases).
- Household supplies for the families we will visit.

Please note: 100% of these donations go to those in need; none of these funds are used for administrative purposes in Canada.

Stories of some of the families we are raising funds to help:


Nestor is an elderly man whose home is very precarious. He has a prostate infection and needs medical care. He is unable to move, so it is almost impossible for anyone to take him to the hospital. Nestor's home does not have properly installed doors. The roof is patched with a plastic bag. We are raising funds to fix the roof and install a door.


In 2011, Eddy had an accident and hurt his back. He is a paraplegic. He lives with his mother, who works from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. His sister has three children and stays home to care for her brother. Eddy's family would like to build a room for him that is closer to the road, so it will be easier for him to access the road. We are raising funds to build a room and a restroom for Eddy.


Johnny is 8 years old and does not attend school. He has Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy, a severe and progressive condition. His mother is the sole provider for the family, but because she works daily, she is unable to take Johnny to rehab sessions. Johnny and his mom share a room that does not have a door. The room is very cold. We are raising funds for a door for their room and educational games that Johnny can spend time playing.

Lucio and Lupe

Lucio and Lupe live with their father and two other siblings. Their mother abandoned them. Their dad was very sick and his children were looking after him. He is recuperating. He is responsible and works hard to take care of the children. The whole family shares one room. We are raising funds to build a room for the two girls, so they will be able to sleep in a separate area.


Delsi is 33 years old and has Down Syndrome. She lives with her mother, who works in the field. Delsi has a wheelchair, but spends a lot of time in bed beause her mom has to work and can't look after her all the time. Delsi and her mom share a bed. Delsi needs diapers, milk, and also needs to fix her room because it is drafty and cold. We are raising funds to buy a bed, mattress and diapers, and to repair the room by placing a door and a window.


Lilian is two years old. She was born with diastasis and extra fingers and toes. Liliana needs constant care and cannot walk or talk. She is receiving speech and physical therapies, but these ended in August because of a lack of funds. We are raising funds to support her so she can continue therapy. This includes the cost of therapies, transportation, medical fees and payment for a final report.


Raphaella is almost three years old. She was born with a condition called imperforate anus. She has had four surgeries to fix her intestines. Recently, doctors found out that she may have Lenz Sydrome. Therapy was recommended, but did not materialize because of financial constraints. The family lives in a fishing shelter and the grandfather is the guardian. Raphaella is not able to retain any food in her body, probably due to an intestinal obstruction. She needs up to 30 diapers a day. We are asking for funds to purchase diapers.

More about Chalice's work in Canete

Canete is a town located 150 km south of the Capital, Lima. Fifty percent of the population are living in families who struggle daily with poverty. Parents lack stable employment, often working as agricultural labourers in the nearby valley or in construction, cleaning, fishing or driving a moto taxi. Issues like poor housing conditions, overcrowding, malnutrition, and lack of drinking water aggravate the living situation. Often the children cannot attend school regularly because their parents cannot afford the school fees, books and supplies their children require. Poverty also affects access to basic health care, especially for seniors who do not have a pension or health insurance.

The Chalice Canete Sponsor Site is under the direction of the Sisters of St. Ann, a congregation founded in 1834 whose mission is expressed in the following words: "We have been printed in the mind and the heart, we are destined to glorify God in service to children and the poor: God calls us to be the instrument of His providence, His mercy and witness sign of Hope!" The mission of the Site is to host, support and guide families in situations of extreme poverty: economical, moral and spiritual. Sponsorship helps children, seniors, and families cover their basic needs of nutrition, education, health, hygiene, and clothing. They receive support to purchase their own food, clothing and household goods. The Site also offers lunch for children and seniors in their comdor (soup kitchen) so that they and their siblings have at least one nutritious meal a day. The families are part of small groups which meet for training workshops and to support one another. The Sponsor Site promotes the dignity of all persons by showing families how to become self-sufficient.

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