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            Meet Addison

Addison is four-years-old. At five months, her doctors discovered through testing that she had a rare illness, Congenital Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. It is so rare, and Addison one of the few people in Canada to have it. Addison’s blood platelet count can drop rapidly causing blood clots in her veins. This causes a high risk of stroke and heart issues, kidney failure - virtually any condition brought upon by blood clots. To combat this, Addison has blood product infusions every few days. That’s hundreds of needle pricks a year. If she contracts a bug from someone and her treatments fail she becomes critical quickly and needs to be admitted to the hospital. 


Despite living with this rare and scary illness, Addison is a happy, social child. She faces her illness head-on, often helping her mother prepare for her transfusions and assisting putting on her tourniquet or finding her veins to poke. She loves to dance and follows in the footsteps of her father and older brother on the soccer pitch. Addison’s mom says, ‘Honestly, if you didn’t know how sick she was, you wouldn’t realize it. She’s a social butterfly. She meets friends everywhere she goes.’ Like so many young girls, Addison love Princesses. When she was approved, her parents showed her the Children’s Wish website. Addison immediately honed in on the pictures of Disney trips where children met princesses. Then she saw a picture of a wish child kissing a dolphin – her favorite animal. She knew that was it. She wanted to go on a Disney Cruise to meet the princesses and meet a dolphin. Addison’s wish trip is scheduled for this spring.

 The joy of a Wish lasts a lifetime

 Your donations will give Addison the memory of meeting a beautiful princess and of a dolphin kiss, so that every time                 she pricks her arms for much-needed transfusions, she’ll remember the joy of that experience.

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