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$1,500,000 Goal
34% of Goal
$513,822 Raised

Welcome to the 2017 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride!

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Top Fundraisers

Ken Cross$64,300.00
Kelly and Steve Hawkins$62,849.48
Mario Ferland$43,229.00
David Dale$37,087.75
Chuck Magnus$35,719.60
Joan Sinclair$27,823.00
Isabelle Richardson$22,105.00
Friend of SNKCR$20,460.00
Rochelle Davidson$19,800.00
Craig Tyndall$19,400.00
Fiona Steele$17,330.47
Sara Larson$16,622.00
Scott Slack$15,074.00
Michelle Donais$14,531.00
Friend of SNKCR$11,550.00
Inside Ride Port Alberni  donated  $13,285.00        Jacob Hespeler Secondary School  donated  $4,363.75        John @ Perola Kitchens  donated  $1,000.00        Jose @ Pinewood Heating and Air Conditioning  donated  $1,000.00        Jill Sherrill Smith  donated  $250.00        TUSKET TOYOTA  donated  $250.00        Aunt Marion, Uncle Ken & Denise  donated  $200.00        Istava Inc.  donated  $200.00        Erica Thibodeau-Robichaud Fundraiser  donated  $165.00        Andrew  donated  $100.00        Anne Saltel  donated  $100.00        Emily Sitter  donated  $100.00        John and Judi Ashby  donated  $100.00        Julie and Rob Zack  donated  $100.00        Luciana Carfa  donated  $100.00        Mark/Donna Hare  donated  $100.00        Sophie Côté  donated  $100.00        Stephanie & Adam Romano  donated  $100.00        Steven Araki  donated  $100.00        Dr. Avi Wurman  donated  $72.00        Steacy Matthey  donated  $70.00        Erin Kehoe  donated  $60.00        Colleen Cox  donated  $50.00        Colleen Cox  donated  $50.00        Deni Melim  donated  $50.00        Harold Smith  donated  $50.00        Kristina and Brandon Smith  donated  $50.00        Virginia Spetch  donated  $50.00        Barb Latulippe  donated  $40.00        John McFadzean  donated  $40.00        Paul McLlwain  donated  $40.00        Jennie Jordan  donated  $35.00        Karla Cordova  donated  $25.00        Nicole Pilgrim  donated  $25.00        Scott MacDonand  donated  $25.00        Seaforth Sewing Centre  donated  $25.00        Anne Marie & Damian Loricchio  donated  $20.00        Arvin Ramos  donated  $20.00        Audrey O'Rourke  donated  $20.00        Bryna Everson  donated  $20.00        Craig Silverson  donated  $20.00        Dan Saganowich  donated  $20.00        Dan Saganowich  donated  $20.00        Darcine Check  donated  $20.00        Dave Keyes  donated  $20.00        Don Ruston  donated  $20.00        Emma Park  donated  $20.00        Eva Kolomitro  donated  $20.00        Gary Irwin  donated  $20.00        Grace Costa  donated  $20.00        Heather Gillespie  donated  $20.00        J Yealland  donated  $20.00        Jeanette Connolly  donated  $20.00        Jim Mouselimis  donated  $20.00        John Amyot  donated  $20.00        Karin Fisher  donated  $20.00        Kathy Carr  donated  $20.00        Kellie Daniel  donated  $20.00        Kellie Daniel  donated  $20.00        Ken & Marina Scott  donated  $20.00        Lisa Salamone  donated  $20.00        Liza Tallen  donated  $20.00        Lynn Moore  donated  $20.00        M Ritokoski  donated  $20.00        Maria & Cono Rubino  donated  $20.00        Melissa Beacom  donated  $20.00        Michael Dawson  donated  $20.00        Nada Thibodeau  donated  $20.00        Nicole Delaney  donated  $20.00        Parks Family  donated  $20.00        Pat Legresely  donated  $20.00        Ralph Wood  donated  $20.00        Renee & David McKinley  donated  $20.00        Rob Giangrosso  donated  $20.00        Robert Sinclair  donated  $20.00        Sarah Dick  donated  $20.00        Scott & Rebecca Tulk  donated  $20.00        Shannon Rubino  donated  $20.00        Shannon Rubino  donated  $20.00        Stacy Daicar  donated  $20.00        Tony Sarris  donated  $20.00        Walter & Janet Rosser  donated  $20.00        Abby lesarge  donated  $15.00        Catherine Allen  donated  $10.00        Danny and Mary Muir  donated an undisclosed amount         Eli Buksh from Kirmac  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride  donated an undisclosed amount         Ian & Sue McKearnen  donated an undisclosed amount         Jill van Wijk  donated an undisclosed amount         Ken and Margaret Van Dyk  donated an undisclosed amount         Linda Martens  donated an undisclosed amount         Marg Henderson  donated an undisclosed amount         Mike & Connie Marion  donated an undisclosed amount         Mike and Rosie Flanagan  donated an undisclosed amount         Peter & Sally  donated an undisclosed amount         Steve Van Dyk  donated an undisclosed amount         Stpephen Gangbar  donated an undisclosed amount         Ted Van Dyk  donated an undisclosed amount         Tracy & Mirco Rossetti  donated an undisclosed amount         Wilma Van Dyk  donated an undisclosed amount