2017 Kingston Fitness Fights Kids Cancer
$100,000 Goal
70% of Goal
$70,200 Raised

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    Kingston Fitness Fights Kids Cancer!

Kingston Fitness Fights Kids Cancer is a Kingston-wide initiative kick started in 2016 by local business Apex Indoor Cycling and local resident Ken Cross partnering with Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. The goal was to raise much-needed funds for childhood cancer programs supporting Kingston-area families by harnessing the power of Kingston's fitness community!

That first event saw 200 participants raising an incredible $36,000! 100% of which went to the Children's Cancer Fund at the Kingston General Hospital.

The April 8th 
2017 event will be even bigger! Involving more fitness businesses offering more participation options for you our goal is to get as many people moving, sweating and energized while raising even more funds for the Children's Cancer Fund at the Kingston General Hospital and the local Camp Trillum's OuR Island oncology camp!

Your Options:

Join us and participate
- Please see below for all the different events planned at partnering fitness facilities. Each event is unique and geared towards physical fitness with our overall goal of raising $100,000 to support to local children and families.
- There's no registration fee for you, just a commitment to raise the minimum funds of $200 per person.
- Please click the Participate button, choose your location and set up your fundraising page.
- If you have already participated with us before then click Login and use your previous login information.

Donate to the overall cause
- Can't join us on the day but want to support the overall event and the cause?
- Please click the Donate to the cause button - 100% of the funds will be split equally between the Child's Cancer Fund at the Kingston General Hospital and Camp Trillium's OuR Island oncology camp.

Donate to a specific individual or team
- Looking to donate to a specific person or team?
- Please click on the Search button to find a registered individual or team to support. 

Please click here for the downloadable Pledge Form on which to record your cash and cheque donations requiring a tax receipt - these donations can be submitted on event day.

Participating Locations:

Use the Participate function above and choose your fitness weapon to fight against childhood cancer by participating at one of the following amazing Kingston Fitness Organizations. Or click on the location link below:

Apex Cycling Studio Cross Fit Queen Street CrossFit Limestone FL Fitness KATC

Apex Cycling Studio

Cross Fit Limestone

Cross Fit Queen Street

FL Fitness


Life Yoga Momentum Pilates Movement Performance Centre Whipped Fitness

Life Yoga

Momentum Pilates

Movement Performance Centre

Whipped Fitness


Top Fundraisers

Ken Cross$8,329.55
Jeff Easton$3,151.00
James O$1,270.00
Jeff Farmer$1,131.00

Top Teams

Spinnin Sessions$8,329.55
APEX Avengers$2,742.00
Rusty Old Cranks$2,146.00
4 Amigos$2,067.00
Sassy Saddlers & Warriors "SS Warriors"$1,935.00
Peggy's Pilates Princesses$1,734.00
Cult Collective$1,733.00
Napanee Raiders  donated  $1,500.00        UA Local 401  donated  $1,000.00        Grant Doupe  donated  $650.00        Shigeo Saimoto  donated  $500.00        Christine Cipolla  donated  $300.00        Ken Wilkinson  donated  $200.00        J Michael Hickey  donated  $160.00        Troy and Pam Gibson  donated  $150.00        Karen Wise  donated  $145.00        Bert Hughson  donated  $100.00        George Thomson  donated  $100.00        Janet Wall  donated  $100.00        Joe de Mura  donated  $100.00        Lindsay Duggan  donated  $100.00        Loyalist Township Firefighters Assoc  donated  $100.00        Prestige Stone Company  donated  $100.00        Stephen Sorenson  donated  $100.00        Elaine Delaney  donated  $60.00        Bill James  donated  $50.00        Bonnie Ottenhof  donated  $50.00        Fred Ivimey  donated  $50.00        Jane Candlish  donated  $50.00        Kyle Parish  donated  $50.00        Marie Outfitters  donated  $50.00        Paul D'Aoust  donated  $50.00        Scott Doering  donated  $50.00        Sherry Richardson  donated  $50.00        Tina Araham  donated  $50.00        Jae Taylor  donated  $40.00        Tyler Gallivan  donated  $40.00        Kelly Alderman  donated  $35.00        Bethmarie Michalska  donated  $30.00        Don Hay  donated  $30.00        Michele Whalen  donated  $25.00        Norman Vincent  donated  $25.00        Ray Duggan  donated  $25.00        Alex MacWilliam  donated  $20.00        Amanda Kauffelot  donated  $20.00        Andrea Fraser  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Barbara Carson  donated  $20.00        Barry Bryan  donated  $20.00        Benny Slack  donated  $20.00        Brad Douglas  donated  $20.00        Caitlin Cerre-Lee  donated  $20.00        Carol Hinton  donated  $20.00        Cathie MacLeod  donated  $20.00        Celine Gillis  donated  $20.00        Charlotte Rosenbaum  donated  $20.00        Christine Edwards  donated  $20.00        Colleen McAlister  donated  $20.00        Daniela Peirson  donated  $20.00        Derek Levac  donated  $20.00        Don Hay  donated  $20.00        Donald Parks  donated  $20.00        Dwayne Adams  donated  $20.00        Gary Sage  donated  $20.00        Ginette Blais  donated  $20.00        Guy Stinson  donated  $20.00        Heather Schreiner  donated  $20.00        Heather shetler  donated  $20.00        Isabel Chase  donated  $20.00        Jason Vitoria  donated  $20.00        Jay mcnalls  donated  $20.00        Jeff Marshall  donated  $20.00        jim MacDonald  donated  $20.00        Johanna VanVierzen  donated  $20.00        John & Doris Baker  donated  $20.00        Julie Halle  donated  $20.00        Karen Gogli  donated  $20.00        Karla Rivera  donated  $20.00        Kathryn Muise  donated  $20.00        Keeley MacDonald  donated  $20.00        Kim Coulter  donated  $20.00        Kim Donaldson  donated  $20.00        Krista Bonham-Carter  donated  $20.00        Lindsay Roeper  donated  $20.00        Lisa Playter  donated  $20.00        Lizabeth Rivera  donated  $20.00        Marion Clow  donated  $20.00        Maxine MacDonald  donated  $20.00        Mike and Angela Dalton  donated  $20.00        Nathan Maillut  donated  $20.00        Nick Noble  donated  $20.00        Patricia Hannah-Clow  donated  $20.00        Patti Boutilier  donated  $20.00        Paul Pettingill  donated  $20.00        Scott McAllister  donated  $20.00        Sean Wood  donated  $20.00        Shirley Slack  donated  $20.00        Sue Corcoran  donated  $20.00        Theresa Griffin  donated  $20.00        Tina MacFarlane  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Grace  donated an undisclosed amount        
2017 Kingston Fitness Fights Kids Cancer