$60,000 Goal
87% of Goal
$52,081 Raised


Special Olympics Florida Plane Pull is a giant tug-of-war, pitting teams of up to 15 members against a plane to see which team can pull the 50 ton United 737 aircraft 12 feet the fastest. Teams must raise a minimum of $1,500 to participate, that’s just $100 per person! Your efforts allow Special Olympics Florida to continue providing year-round training and athletic competitions at no cost to our 40,000 athletes statewide.

Date: November 4, 2017

Registration: 9:00 AM | Start: 10:00 AM

Orlando International Airport - United Airlines Operations Center
8855 Tradeport Drive
Orlando, Florida

We need you!
Our mission remains as vital today as it did when the movement was founded in 1968. Our program, however, has transcended beyond just sports. Special Olympics Florida’s year-round programs in health, education, community building and sports address inactivity, injustice, intolerance and social isolation by encouraging and empowering people with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics programs allow athletes to overcome these challenges and give them an opportunity to participate in their community, strengthen their abilities, and become champions! By “pulling” for our athletes, you are helping us reach and support more people who want to be a part of these life changing programs we offer.

Become a Puller

Register and create your fundraising page by starting or joining a team. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support you in your efforts! They can join your team or help by making a quick secure online donation. If you are starting a team, begin by recruiting up to 15 members to join you on event day and help pull the plane!  

There's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right? Let's compete for:  

•Fastest Pull  

•Slowest Pull 

•Most Team Spirit


Stay tuned for our next challenge!

Team Tools
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Top Fundraisers

Veronica Fernandez$1,500.00
Ethan Spence$1,500.00
Richard Groover Jr.$1,350.00
Nicholas Henderson$1,250.00
Jordan Pringle$940.00
Robert Thomson$880.00
Cody Brake$600.00
Wesley Blake$535.00
Steve Cutler$415.00
Mason Gathye$400.00
Sage Beckett$385.00
Tom Oliver$355.00
Kathryn Stuart$300.00
Michael Ingram$260.00
Paul Hull$255.00
Celi Hallowes$250.00
Deisa Martin$250.00
Jeffrey Johnson$250.00
Alicia Hardy$250.00
Brian Clark$250.00
Lisa Rainey$240.00
Gerry Myers$225.00
Janice Reardon$220.00
Cory Miller$205.00
Chris Dijak$205.00
Zachary Bollinger$200.00
Stephen Mericle$195.00
Doris Shapiro$175.00
Mandy Rose$170.00
Tucker Knight$165.00
Babatunde Aiyegbusi$165.00
Autumn Perdue$160.00
Vanessa Vincent$160.00
Rachel Quinn$155.00
Pavla Paul$150.00
Taylor Scures$150.00
Jonathan Torres$150.00
Daniel Sacino$150.00
Amanda Brunson$140.00
Otis Dozovic$135.00
Megan Meroni$130.00
Travis Oxrieder$130.00
Benjamin Smith$125.00
Joshua Vincent$125.00
Sherry Wheelock$120.00
Kevin Landis$120.00
Laura Collins$120.00
Logan Smith$120.00
Kimberly Little$120.00
Russell Drake$115.00
Larry Daniell$115.00
Brian Schwab$110.00
Juan Cuevas$105.00
Donald Meroni$105.00
Bryan Drennen$105.00
Linda Lewis$101.00
Jennifer Iler$100.00
Marlene Genereux$100.00
Michael Kurek$100.00
Harold Dixon$100.00
Alex Zungul$100.00
Dean Uno$100.00
Matt Bloom$100.00
Rezar AOP$100.00
Bryan Harrold$100.00
Laura Spolar$100.00
Yvette Pace$100.00
Jamie Elasick$100.00
Michael Alley$100.00
Tyler Alden$100.00
David Isaacson$100.00
Jesse Sanchez$100.00
Rakesh Singh$100.00
Ron Schmitt$100.00
Rick Rivadeneyra$100.00
Robert Wagner$100.00
Alan Young$100.00
Patti Bryant$100.00
Zach Houck$100.00
Cristina Calvet-Harrold$100.00
Karen Pena$100.00
Rick Beddow$100.00
Phil Uno$100.00
Kevin Campbell$100.00
Louis Hernandez$100.00
Rachael Faircloth$100.00
Corey Gagnon$100.00
Barry Jacobson$100.00
Edward Smith$100.00
Courtney Caldwell$100.00

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