$250,000 Goal
31% of Goal
$76,652 Raised


Join us at one of three locations to charge into the chilly waters to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Florida which currently serves more than 42,000 athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities! Sign up here, fundraise, create a costume, laugh, cheer, and PLUNGE with a community that shares your passion to help individuals with intellectual disabilities thrive and excel.

Panama City Beach - Saturday, February 3rd
Aquatica, Orlando - Saturday, February 10th
Hanna Park / Jacksonville - Saturday, February 17th


Polar Plunge continues to improve the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Plunge because YOU are a change agent and YOU can make a difference.

Polar Plunge Resources: (click link below)

Team Captain Handbook
42 Teams
A-Z Fundraising Ideas
How to Register
Recruitment Flyer


Contact Hilary Kendrick 
Office: 352-243-9536
Email: hilarykendrick@sofl.org


Jason Gruber$7,345.00
Scott McConnell$6,225.00
Lindsay Fulop$3,950.00
Lindsey Goldenhersh$3,607.00
Bonny Blackham$2,510.00
Heather McConnell$1,500.00
Cathy English$1,500.00
Audra H$1,050.00
Rick Beddow$1,025.00
Jim Freeman$928.34
Anonymous  donated  $6,000.00        Steven Frederickson  donated  $250.00        Leslie Adkins  donated  $150.00        Barry & Rita Miskin  donated  $100.00        Carl & Mary Leland  donated  $100.00        Carl & Mary Leland  donated  $100.00        chris lakey  donated  $100.00        Chris Treston  donated  $100.00        Dawn Harris  donated  $100.00        Deisa Martin  donated  $100.00        Gwen Vrh  donated  $100.00        Jo Messer  donated  $100.00        Joe Quaglia  donated  $100.00        John Furtado  donated  $100.00        Keith Smith  donated  $100.00        Kirk Holderbaum  donated  $100.00        Lisa Lewis  donated  $100.00        Margaret Iler  donated  $100.00        Marilou Eby  donated  $100.00        Mary Oxendine  donated  $100.00        Melissa Soverns  donated  $100.00        Monica Wofford  donated  $100.00        SHARON LORD  donated  $100.00        Terry Chamberlin  donated  $100.00        Billie Adams  donated  $75.00        Anonymous  donated  $54.00        Alfredo Gonzalez  donated  $50.00        Amy Pierce  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        ashley davis  donated  $50.00        Claire OMeara  donated  $50.00        Cliff Stephens  donated  $50.00        Cynthia Post  donated  $50.00        Denise Gobble  donated  $50.00        Jacob McGinnis  donated  $50.00        Jill Corcoran  donated  $50.00        Lorenna Siegrist  donated  $50.00        Maggie Uerkwitz  donated  $50.00        Nila Grier  donated  $50.00        Peggy Crouch  donated  $50.00        Rhona & David Byer  donated  $50.00        Sharon Krieger  donated  $50.00        Thomas Paunovich  donated  $50.00        William Doran  donated  $50.00        Bert & Karen Ross  donated  $40.00        Anonymous  donated  $30.00        Suzy Mesmer  donated  $30.00        833 E. Ave.  donated  $25.00        Amanda Osborne  donated  $25.00        Bella Estes  donated  $25.00        CydCharrise Stevens  donated  $25.00        Donna Plante  donated  $25.00        Greta & Chip Woodbury  donated  $25.00        Heather Wofford  donated  $25.00        Jo Ann & Michael Kervin  donated  $25.00        Kelly Tucker  donated  $25.00        Kristen Maglio  donated  $25.00        Linda Hudgins  donated  $25.00        Linda Van Bergen  donated  $25.00        Mark Penny  donated  $25.00        Melissa Krysh  donated  $25.00        Ruby Espino  donated  $25.00        Susan White  donated  $25.00        Teressa Penny  donated  $25.00        Tracy Barkhuff  donated  $25.00        Debra Sola-Furnari  donated  $20.00        Joshua & Lori Sandgren  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $15.00        Anonymous  donated  $15.00        Kerrie Thibodeau Thiffeault  donated  $15.00        Tanya & Brian English  donated  $15.00        Dawn DiNoto  donated  $10.00        Victor & Cindy Pandolfi  donated  $10.00        Nick Galmin  donated  $5.00        Alex Sorondo  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         April Holdren  donated an undisclosed amount         B Knight  donated an undisclosed amount         Bill Lupfer  donated an undisclosed amount         Brandi Alexander  donated an undisclosed amount         Chris Lutz  donated an undisclosed amount         Cindy Molnar  donated an undisclosed amount         Dennis Gilbert  donated an undisclosed amount         DZ Solutions  donated an undisclosed amount         Edward Grainger  donated an undisclosed amount         Elizabeth Sledge  donated an undisclosed amount         Ella, Liam, Lila & Mila Christie  donated an undisclosed amount         Laurel Blackburn  donated an undisclosed amount         Marcus Hackley  donated an undisclosed amount         Maria Martinez  donated an undisclosed amount         Mark and Mary Malys  donated an undisclosed amount         Pat, Diane and Gordon Gray  donated an undisclosed amount         Rigel Grigsby  donated an undisclosed amount         Sarah Gogliormella  donated an undisclosed amount         Steve & Debbie Glashower  donated an undisclosed amount        
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