$350,000 Goal
8% of Goal
$29,641 Raised


Join us at one of three locations to charge into the chilly waters to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Florida which currently serves more than 42,000 athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities! Sign up here, fundraise, create a costume, laugh, cheer, and PLUNGE with a community that shares your passion to help individuals with intellectual disabilities thrive and excel.

Panama City Beach - Saturday, February 3rd
Aquatica, Orlando - Saturday, February 10th
Hanna Park / Jacksonville - Saturday, February 17th


Polar Plunge continues to improve the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Plunge because YOU are a change agent and YOU can make a difference.

Polar Plunge Resources: (click link below)

Team Captain Handbook
42 Teams
A-Z Fundraising Ideas
How to Register
Recruitment Flyer


Contact Deisa Martin or Pavla Paul 
Office: 352-243-9536
Email: deisamartin@sofl.org or 


Jason Gruber$5,475.00
Audra H$1,025.00
Lindsey Goldenhersh$877.00
Jim Freeman$678.34
Dan Morgan$615.00
Tyler Johnson$550.00
Nicole Hogan$514.99
Elan Geffen$490.00
Kissimmee PD$450.00
Angela Robinson$400.80
Tampa Bay Food Trucks  donated  $2,340.00        Hernando Co Comm Resource Council  donated  $500.00        Ronald Fishkind  donated  $250.00        The Herbert Bearman Foundation  donated  $250.00        Edwayd & Carolyn Goldenhersh  donated  $150.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Brenda Bryson  donated  $100.00        Brenda Bryson  donated  $100.00        Diane Vore  donated  $100.00        James Hartman  donated  $100.00        Jennifer Vaccaro  donated  $100.00        Jess Allen  donated  $100.00        Sam Rifkin  donated  $100.00        Yvette Whittaker  donated  $100.00        Robin Franks  donated  $52.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Carol Greenberg  donated  $50.00        EDDIE ABREU  donated  $50.00        EQuiVET Medicine Inc  donated  $50.00        Gregory Pych  donated  $50.00        Jim Coates  donated  $50.00        John Chapman  donated  $50.00        Linda Berry  donated  $50.00        Mac Nickson  donated  $50.00        Marc Claycomb  donated  $50.00        Marlene Genereux  donated  $50.00        Nadine Laurent  donated  $50.00        Patti Nickson  donated  $50.00        Stephanie Nickson  donated  $50.00        Nadine Laurent  donated  $30.00        Al & Lilo Goldstone  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Audra Gibbons-Lester  donated  $25.00        Barbara Stuck  donated  $25.00        Belinda Toth  donated  $25.00        Bonnie French  donated  $25.00        Cody Pacic  donated  $25.00        Don & Patti Almeter  donated  $25.00        Edilia Hernandez  donated  $25.00        FRAN WILSON  donated  $25.00        Gail Atkinson  donated  $25.00        Holly McFadden  donated  $25.00        JAY ROSS  donated  $25.00        Kenneth Davis  donated  $25.00        Kim Osterbrock  donated  $25.00        Larry & Temmie Levitan  donated  $25.00        Mark Cruz  donated  $25.00        Melissa and Stephen Campbell  donated  $25.00        Michele Facente  donated  $25.00        Nancy Monohan  donated  $25.00        Sarah Graber  donated  $25.00        Suhailly Morales  donated  $25.00        Suzi Spencer  donated  $25.00        Anna Worten-Fritz  donated  $20.00        Carla Gallisa  donated  $20.00        Cassandra Kuhn  donated  $20.00        Cheryl Luckey  donated  $20.00        Clydette Kearney  donated  $20.00        Deanna Williams  donated  $20.00        Kristen Meadows  donated  $20.00        Lam Nguyen  donated  $20.00        Maeva Chiche  donated  $20.00        Maeva Chiche  donated  $20.00        Nick Priolo  donated  $20.00        Nick Priolo  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $15.00        Morris &Matilda Gabrielides  donated  $15.00        Carmen Peralta  donated  $10.00        Deb Zeckser  donated  $10.00        Erica Russell  donated  $10.00        Erica Russell  donated  $10.00        Morgan Vandenberg  donated  $10.00        Morgan Vandenberg  donated  $10.00        Mandy Giust  donated  $1.48        Mandy Giust  donated  $1.42        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Carlos Gallisa  donated an undisclosed amount         Debra Jalbert  donated an undisclosed amount         Jason Hart  donated an undisclosed amount         Jennifer Iler  donated an undisclosed amount         julie roberts  donated an undisclosed amount         Matthew Claycomb  donated an undisclosed amount         Maxine Pollakis  donated an undisclosed amount         Melanie Dooley  donated an undisclosed amount         Ray Poulos  donated an undisclosed amount         Valerie Sun  donated an undisclosed amount         Valerie Welcome  donated an undisclosed amount         William Speakman  donated an undisclosed amount        
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