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The Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk is held annually by Ovar’coming Together to raise funds to help fulfill the organization’s mission of creating awareness, supporting ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers, and funding ovarian cancer research initiatives. The event celebrates, remembers and honors women affected by ovarian cancer. Event participants may choose from a 1-mile walk, a 5K walk, a 5K competitive run or a Zumba Workout.

Fesivities include entertainment, a TEAL Market, a Survivors Tent, educational booths and more! The event takes place each September to honor Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Activities begin at 8am at Downtown City Market in Indianapolis. 

Ovar'coming Together is grateful to everyone who helps make the event a success. Participants come from as many as 17 different states to be a part of the event. In total, nearly 1600 individuals participate.

Top Fundraisers

Shirley A Thomas MD$5,610.00
Jim Thomas$1,500.00
Steve McCabe$1,135.00
Gary Cunningham$1,050.00
Fred Charlotte Dodge  donated  $500.00        Charlotte Winders  donated  $300.00        Rachel Waltz  donated  $300.00        Anonymous  donated  $280.00        Nicole Fields  donated  $230.00        Beth Frailey & Sandra Welden  donated  $220.00        Landon Krisher  donated  $200.00        Barbara Lobb  donated  $100.00        Bo & Stephanie  donated  $100.00        Chris Olk  donated  $100.00        Karen Hayes  donated  $100.00        Karen Schuster  donated  $100.00        Laurie & David Rosenberger  donated  $100.00        Lealice Briggs  donated  $100.00        Pauline Marzollini  donated  $100.00        Susan Parmenter  donated  $100.00        The Weikert's  donated  $100.00        William Winders  donated  $100.00        Amber Cornman  donated  $96.00        B Anonymous  donated  $87.00        Anonymous  donated  $83.00        Linda Boyd  donated  $75.00        Richard & Kathy Haven  donated  $75.00        A. S. Frick  donated  $50.00        Barbra Mounce  donated  $50.00        Brent & Pam Ernsting  donated  $50.00        Carol Rodman  donated  $50.00        Gary & Susan Folkman  donated  $50.00        Joe & Kathy Welden  donated  $50.00        Judith Braswell  donated  $50.00        Katie Adkins  donated  $50.00        Lesley MacKellar  donated  $50.00        Mark & Stephanie Wright  donated  $50.00        Michael Sullivan  donated  $50.00        Paul & Alec Fick  donated  $50.00        Sandra & Frank Haven  donated  $50.00        Sue Wedding  donated  $50.00        Aundrea Coath  donated  $40.00        Carolyn & Jack McMahon  donated  $40.00        Joy Sherrill  donated  $40.00        J. A. Houghton  donated  $35.00        Julie Mason  donated  $30.00        Rosalee Pringle & Galen Brown  donated  $30.00        Shelbi Newcomer  donated  $30.00        Anonymous  donated  $25.00        Beth, Nick, Jillian, and Ryan Anderson  donated  $25.00        Betty Brooks  donated  $25.00        Cathy Sturm  donated  $25.00        Cheryl Jones  donated  $25.00        Christian Coleman  donated  $25.00        Deborah & John Konter  donated  $25.00        Deborah Blackwell  donated  $25.00        E Knoll  donated  $25.00        Eleanor Welker  donated  $25.00        Gloria Wentz  donated  $25.00        Jennifer Rice  donated  $25.00        Jim Dulin  donated  $25.00        Karen Winders  donated  $25.00        Leslie-Ann James  donated  $25.00        Lori & Keith Lynn  donated  $25.00        Lori Stock  donated  $25.00        Melanie Myers  donated  $25.00        Mike & GIna Sublette  donated  $25.00        Patricia & John Correia  donated  $25.00        Peter & Connie Dillman  donated  $25.00        Thomas & Kimberly Nguyen  donated  $25.00        Wanda Lew  donated  $25.00        Doris Browing  donated  $20.00        Kathy Tearman  donated  $20.00        Martin Wagner  donated  $20.00        Rick Boals  donated  $20.00        Tim Reed  donated  $20.00        William Hazel  donated  $20.00        Chris Castetter  donated  $10.00        Fawaz & Karley Tahir  donated  $10.00        Jody Bailey  donated  $10.00        John Doe  donated  $10.00        Karen Welch  donated  $10.00        Kathy Short  donated  $10.00        Paula Hansel  donated  $10.00        Phil Longhorn  donated  $10.00        Rhonda Schwartz  donated  $10.00        Robert Hunter  donated  $10.00        Ryan Birk  donated  $10.00        Stephanie & Timothy Cirbo  donated  $10.00        Stephanie Schutte  donated  $10.00        Susan Strombery  donated  $10.00        Jill Gude  donated  $7.00        Colleen Watson  donated  $5.00        Karen Jelinek  donated  $5.00        Nocole Jordan  donated  $5.00        Sandy Steffen  donated  $5.00        Shirley Judkins  donated  $5.00        Bry Gambrell  donated  $2.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Scott and Denise Saxman  donated an undisclosed amount        
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