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$275,000 Goal
22% of Goal
$59,578 Raised

Let's make s'more memories for kids with disabilities possible!

The theme is camping and we're bowling and pledging to send kids with disabilities to barrier-free camps across the nation! Join in the fun and help make a difference! 

Learn more about Friends of We Care by visiting www.friendsofwecare.org.


Register a team, start collecting pledges!
Cross-Canada fundraising goal: $300,000

Register a team at one of the event locations near you:
Halifax: Thursday, November 9, 2017
Moncton: Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Vancouver: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Toronto: Thursday, November 23, 2017
Edmonton: February 8, 2018
Calgary: Friday, February 23, 2018
Kelowna: Friday, March 9, 2018

What to Expect:
Team-building, bowling, fundraising, food, fun! Visit your location's event page for more details on each event.

Registration Options:
* If you've registered with us in previous years, you can use the same login info/account you created in the past
1. Create a New Team
2. Join a Team - Use the "Search" tool above to find your team and click on "My team already exists" 

Collecting Pledges:
- Once registered, use your personal fundraising webpage to collect donations online.
- For cash and cheque pledges made offline, download this record sheet. Bring all collected money on the day of the event. Tax receipts will be issued for donations $25 or more with a complete address. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Friends of We Care’.

Costume Contest:
Come dressed in your most outrageous "camp" outfit possible! All interpretations of the "camping" theme are welcome. The more creative, the better!

Some ideas:
- Canadian wilderness
- Boys/girls' getaway in the woods
- Car camping vs. backcountry vs. glamping
- Portaging

To enquire about how you can help please get in touch with the event manager for your desired location!

Top Fundraisers

Bernice Blomme$2,075.00
Chris Stoner$1,875.00
Ricardo Hamm$1,775.00
Graison Corney$1,355.00
Megan Krentz$1,240.00
Alan Grebinski$1,225.00
Sysco Toronto Explorers$1,040.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$900.00
Barbara MacDonald$875.00
Katie Pavri$875.00
Gary Moulton$800.00
Terri Camilleri$795.00
Joanne Jones$710.00
Tracy Caudle$700.00
Barb Gray$650.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$610.00
Francine Galloway$600.00
Lisa Imbesi$450.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$405.00
Mary Jane Gibbons$400.00
Caleb Borland$345.00
Joseph DI Maria$325.00
Karen Maguire$325.00
Fiona Wong$300.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$290.00
David Cocker$275.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$275.00
Jade Penna$260.00
Don Sararas$250.00
lora ruffa$250.00
Ross Miller$250.00
Dave Steane $250.00
Laura Rutherford$225.00
Lois Perry$220.00
Elio Mascitelli$211.00
Jasmine Zagar$210.00
Grace Cox$200.00
Emily Domingues$200.00
Derek Morrison$200.00
Leah Goebel$200.00
Maila Holmberg$200.00
Franco Cignelli$200.00
Paul Smith$200.00
Catherine Byers$200.00
Karen Y$185.00
Randy Norman$175.00
Dan Arnold$160.00
Robert Raymond$150.00
Krystal Power$125.00
Daniel Rafuse$125.00
Dean Kouris$125.00
Anna Nimigon$120.00
Victoria Proctor$120.00
Catherine Belvedere$100.00
Eric Jost$100.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$100.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$100.00
Kevin Sewell$100.00
Mike Mueller$100.00
Monique Raffaele$100.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$100.00
Marsha Ditri$100.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$100.00
Jessica Areias$95.00
Par Mander$80.00
Morgan Van Horne$80.00
Meagan McGregor$75.00
Candice Gallant$75.00
Coffee King Pins$75.00
Yves Dastous$75.00
Lindsay Grainger$75.00
Gina Lewis$75.00
Brittany Benvie$70.00
Lauren Squizzato$65.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$65.00
Sabrina Mahadeo$50.00
Ashley McCrone$50.00
Chris LeBlanc$50.00
Christina Lombardi$50.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$50.00
Mike Nussey$50.00
Angie Middleton$50.00
John Multari$50.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$50.00
Savannah Li$50.00
Courtney Jenkins$40.00
A friend of kids with disabilities$36.00
Dan Ewacha$25.00
Stephanie Leblanc$25.00
Elena Osina$25.00
A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $1,000.00        PAUL STOTT  donated  $800.00        LAPACO PAPER  donated  $500.00        VDC Employees  donated  $435.00        Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits Ontario Team!  donated  $340.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $250.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $250.00        Betts  donated  $250.00        Christine Kostuch  donated  $250.00        Clemar  donated  $250.00        EamaTech  donated  $250.00        Eric Webster  donated  $250.00        Kerry  donated  $250.00        Kevin & Maria  donated  $250.00        Milly Maguire  donated  $250.00        Momentum Group  donated  $250.00        Nicole Steane  donated  $250.00        Derma Meat co Sysco Fine Meats Toronto  donated  $170.00        Dave Chapman  donated  $125.00        Tammy Nisi  donated  $125.00        Willie Nelson  donated  $125.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $100.00        Denis Galliera  donated  $100.00        Franco  donated  $100.00        Leah & Kayla  donated  $100.00        Scott Thompson  donated  $100.00        Kevin Maguire  donated  $75.00        PATRICK CRICHLOW  donated  $75.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $60.00        Brady Di maria  donated  $60.00        Bob and Kathy Thompson  donated  $50.00        BRYAN MURAKI  donated  $50.00        C.Butcher  donated  $50.00        Doug Grant  donated  $50.00        Harpreet Sandhu  donated  $50.00        Lise Lachance  donated  $50.00        Mom and Dad  donated  $50.00        Olga Thompson  donated  $50.00        Sergio & Irene  donated  $50.00        Stéphanie Leblanc  donated  $50.00        Sue Rousell  donated  $50.00        Susan  donated  $50.00        The Patons  donated  $50.00        Unilever  donated  $50.00        Wade Pugh  donated  $50.00        Cassandra  donated  $40.00        Lina Douglas  donated  $30.00        AMANDA CRICHLOW  donated  $25.00        Amy Jones  donated  $25.00        Catherine Belvedere  donated  $25.00        CHRIS MEECH  donated  $25.00        Connie Sararas  donated  $25.00        Dale D'Souza  donated  $25.00        Dan and Kelly Ewacha  donated  $25.00        Dan Ewacha  donated  $25.00        Dean McGregor  donated  $25.00        Elena Osina  donated  $25.00        Jeremy P  donated  $25.00        JOANNA PIDHIRNY  donated  $25.00        Jonathan Belvedere  donated  $25.00        Karen Y  donated  $25.00        KAREN Y  donated  $25.00        Kerri & Jeff  donated  $25.00        Krystal P  donated  $25.00        ROBIN CRICHLOW  donated  $25.00        SUZANNE NILES  donated  $25.00        Vanessa Cole  donated  $25.00        Wally Elich  donated  $25.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated  $20.00        Harjot Kang  donated  $20.00        JOE DI ROLLO  donated  $20.00        MIKE ZIMMERMAN  donated  $20.00        Tom Zaleski Jr.  donated  $20.00        TONY DI ROLLO  donated  $20.00        Gloria Coish  donated  $10.00        MATTHEW D  donated  $10.00        MYRON KOPYS  donated  $10.00        RAY SKOCHERS  donated  $10.00        SCOTT BARNUM  donated  $10.00        TED ZUNAW  donated  $10.00        DAVE MOHER  donated  $5.00        ROY DUNCAN  donated  $5.00        WELD C  donated  $5.00        A friend of kids with disabilities  donated an undisclosed amount         A friend of kids with disabilities  donated an undisclosed amount         A friend of kids with disabilities  donated an undisclosed amount         A friend of kids with disabilities  donated an undisclosed amount         A friend of kids with disabilities  donated an undisclosed amount         Cheryl Reed  donated an undisclosed amount         Debby Berteau  donated an undisclosed amount         Jean Fortin  donated an undisclosed amount         Jill Woods  donated an undisclosed amount         Justin and Kate  donated an undisclosed amount         Kelly & Mike Somers  donated an undisclosed amount         Lexi Hambides  donated an undisclosed amount         M. Wiens  donated an undisclosed amount         MJ Gibbons  donated an undisclosed amount         Ron Walters  donated an undisclosed amount         Ryan and Mary  donated an undisclosed amount         Trudy McGregor  donated an undisclosed amount