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$25,000 Goal
71% of Goal
$17,640 Raised

The funds our team raise will allow us to have a longer term impact in the community we visit.

The funds will support the work of Chalice's partners in the community, which will directly support the families they are working with on a daily basis. The projects we will support include a children's playground, entrepreneurship support for women, and dental care for those in need.

Please note: 100% of these donations go to those in need; none of these funds are used for administrative purposes in Canada.

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Sponsor a Child/Elder in Bolivia

More About Chalice's Work in Cochabamba

This mission will bring us to Chalice's Fátima Sponsor Site in Bolivia. Through service and celebration, we will have an opportunity to meet the site staff, as well as the families who are sponsored by Chalice.

Site Name: Fátima

Director: Fr. Jesus Osorno

Site Opened: 2010

Serving: 518 children and elders

Communities Served (in the city of Cochabamba):

El Alto Buena Vista, K'asa Wasa, Domingo Savio, San Miguel y Jacarandâ.

Major Challenges:

Unemployment, insufficient clean drinking water, low adult literacy rate, inadequate government services, poor housing conditions, domestic violence, alcoholism, and crime.

Chalice Programs Offered (in addition to sponsorship):

Skills training; counselling; after school tutoring classes; support in the areas of health, hygiene, and parenting; nutrition through the Chalice Children Nutrition Program.

Chalice works through Our Lady of Fátima Parish, which focuses on a better quality of life for children and their families. The sponsor site (called Fátima Site) works closely with families to alleviate conditions of extreme poverty by providing support in the areas listed above. The team working at the site is comprised of professional staff dedicated to socio-pastoral work, serving children and their families. They help to nurture an environment in which children can develop and grow as healthy individuals within healthy families, make friends, be responsible for their own personal development, do their best in school, and improve their health, both physically and spiritually.

The Fátima Site is located in the city of Cochabamba. It is known as the City of Eternal Spring and The Garden City because of its spring-like temperatures year-round. In the local indigenous languages (Aymara and Quechua), Cochabamba is spelled Quchapampa. The name originates from the words qucha, meaning lake, and pampa, meaning open plain. It is located in the Cochabamba valley in the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cochabamba Department (i.e., the equivalent of a Canadian province) and is the fourth largest city in Bolivia, with a population of 630,000. Residents of the city and surrounding area are commonly referred to as Cochalas. The communities we work in are located in District Nine, which is in the south part of the city and is the biggest, most populated, poorest, and most violent district in this city. It is a rocky and dry area. It has mountainous hills where people locate their houses, often without owning the property. Most families are unemployed and there is a high incidence of domestic violence. The children either go to the streets to work or are kept at home to look after younger siblings.

The sponsor site engages families in ways that aim to unite them with their community through activities such as community work, participation in educational workshops, and school breakfasts.

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