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$100,000 Goal
1% of Goal
$1,340 Raised

             Be Bold! Be Cold! 

Join us and hundreds of other brave souls across the state for the coolest thing you'll do in 2018. Whether you jump, run, or tiptoe in you'll be helping us build a bigger, better and COOLER community for 16,000 Special Olympics athletes.


Top Fundraisers

David Ivy$570.00
Jim Colvin$250.00
Gower Mills$215.00
Kelly Bolick$125.00
Jason G. $55.00
April Shore$30.00
Justin Harp$30.00
Amy Parker$25.00

Top Teams

Super Plungers$570.00
PoPolar Bears$280.00
Music City Plungers$180.00
Special Olympics Tennessee Supporter$30.00
Parker Plungers$25.00
Special Olympics Tennessee Supporter  donated  $400.00        Jim Patton  donated  $200.00        Special Olympics Tennessee Supporter  donated  $120.00        Special Olympics Tennessee Supporter  donated  $50.00        Rodney T. Berrington  donated  $40.00        Wayne and Tina Thomas  donated  $40.00        April Shore  donated  $30.00        Amy Parker  donated  $25.00        Jason G.  donated  $25.00        Dashi  donated an undisclosed amount         Dean Harp  donated an undisclosed amount         Jeff Fuller  donated an undisclosed amount         Kathy Horne  donated an undisclosed amount         Kelly Stearman  donated an undisclosed amount         Neely Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Ronnie & Paula Eason  donated an undisclosed amount         Special Olympics Tennessee Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount        
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