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Welcome to RATPOD 2018

RATPOD is a one-day, 124 mile cycling event in the Big Hole Valley of southwest Montana benefiting Camp Mak-A-Dream's cost-free programs for children, young adults and families affected by cancer.  FOR 2018 we will also offer our riders a new 62-mile ride!  

Whether this is your 1st ride or your 17th, the REASON for this ride are our campers.  It's hard to imagine a life riddled with cancer and to understand what Camp Mak-A-Dream means to them we encourage you to take a few extra minutes to watch this heartwarming video.  We encourage and invite you to paste this information into your fund raising page as well.

For those affected by cancer, Camp Mak-A-Dream provides a medically-supervised, and cost-free Montana experience so that our campers can live with and beyond cancer.  

Top Fundraisers

Rick Wishcamper$6,006.00
Walt Chauner$5,850.00
Stephen Demedis$3,775.00
Garrett Gunter$2,600.00
Owen Gue$2,100.00
Rene Nazelrod$1,925.00
Dave Hesli$1,850.00
Pete Nazelrod$1,600.00

Top Teams

Brown County Ski and Cycle  donated  $500.00        The O'Leary Family  donated  $500.00        Whitney Martin  donated  $500.00        The Montana Gang  donated  $400.00        Anonymous  donated  $350.00        Anonymous  donated  $250.00        Bruce Kramer  donated  $250.00        It Starts With Me Health  donated  $250.00        Karen Suennen  donated  $250.00        Kevin Huguet  donated  $250.00        Michael R Tryhus  donated  $250.00        Sarah Bennett  donated  $250.00        The HG Sladich Family  donated  $250.00        Steve Kemple  donated  $200.00        Brett LaShelle  donated  $150.00        THOMAS HENDERSON  donated  $150.00        Tom Bryant  donated  $100.10        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated  $100.00        Bruce Baird  donated  $100.00        Bryon Smith  donated  $100.00        Carla Cobb  donated  $100.00        COLEY JONES  donated  $100.00        Deb  donated  $100.00        Debra Hensold  donated  $100.00        Denver Sports and Family Chiropractic Center  donated  $100.00        Ellyn Harris-Hesli  donated  $100.00        Erin McG  donated  $100.00        Jim Reid  donated  $100.00        John and Leslie Wells  donated  $100.00        Justine & Mike Novy  donated  $100.00        keldy winters  donated  $100.00        Ken Janet and Sally Grover  donated  $100.00        Lee Ann Bradley and Jim Clapp  donated  $100.00        Lony Maeder aka Grosi!  donated  $100.00        Ms Katalin Green  donated  $100.00        Pat McElroy  donated  $100.00        The Sippys  donated  $100.00        Rieger Family Trust  donated  $77.50        Anonymous  donated  $75.00        dstrickling  donated  $62.00        Jerry Lane  donated  $62.00        Adrienne Dahncke  donated  $50.00        Amelia  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Chad Adams  donated  $50.00        Dan DeRuyter  donated  $50.00        Eric and Liz Wright  donated  $50.00        Gary and Joan Holton  donated  $50.00        Grandma & Papaw  donated  $50.00        Greg Gilchrist  donated  $50.00        Hal & Debbie Frutiger  donated  $50.00        Jack Scanlon and family  donated  $50.00        Laura Henning  donated  $50.00        Lilly family  donated  $50.00        Linda Johnson  donated  $50.00        Michael White  donated  $50.00        Nicole & Mark Mclellan  donated  $50.00        Patricia Fogleman  donated  $50.00        RB & KATHY  donated  $50.00        Richardson’s  donated  $50.00        S.Eades  donated  $50.00        The Jones Familiy  donated  $50.00        Thurston Elfstrom  donated  $50.00        Traci Schrah  donated  $50.00        Valerie Frisk  donated  $50.00        Wayne Vandeberg  donated  $50.00        Lia Soetje  donated  $40.00        Alayne Dolson  donated  $25.00        Amanda Buckley  donated  $25.00        Brian Panian  donated  $25.00        Courtney  donated  $25.00        Fox Safety, LLC  donated  $25.00        Lee C  donated  $25.00        Leslae Dalpiaz  donated  $25.00        Lisa Olenski  donated  $25.00        Mollie Rice  donated  $25.00        Randy Tetrault  donated  $25.00        The Mickens  donated  $25.00        Mary Wozniak  donated  $10.00        Ann and Jerry Jones  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Billie Robertson  donated an undisclosed amount         Heather Seifert  donated an undisclosed amount         Heidi in Dillon  donated an undisclosed amount         Jackie Libby  donated an undisclosed amount         Jamie + Jeff  donated an undisclosed amount         Jamie Connelly  donated an undisclosed amount         Judy & Jack Prom  donated an undisclosed amount         LuAnn Burgmuller  donated an undisclosed amount         Nicole Stimac  donated an undisclosed amount         Phyllis  donated an undisclosed amount         Ralph & Terry  donated an undisclosed amount         Ronn Goodnough  donated an undisclosed amount         Scoot Schmidt  donated an undisclosed amount         The Carmans  donated an undisclosed amount         Tom and Alice Layne  donated an undisclosed amount         Vikki Leuschen  donated an undisclosed amount        
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