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$45,000 Goal
123% of Goal
$55,406 Raised

Strides to End Homelessness is Kelowna's Gospel Mission's annual fun, family-friendly 5k walk or 10k run.

For over 40 years, Kelowna’s Gospel Mission has helped people who are struggling to meet basic needs in our community.  We assist people to move forward in their lives. We provide genuine acceptance with individually-tailored programs to help vulnerable people find housing, income, family supports, mental health services, spiritual guidance as well as basic care. Make the difference on Saturday, March 3rd at Kelowna's Gospel Mission as we walk with those we serve and, together, we will take Strides to End Homelessness. 

The goal of the walk is to raise $45,000 to continue with our shelter programs of beds, meals, outreach, casework and our women's 13 bed second stage transitional home, Harmony House.

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Event Day Details:

Parking available in the Parkade on Lawrence street between Water and Pandosy. 

What to wear:Make sure you dress for the weather as it can get cold outside!  Some of the sidewalks could be slippery so make sure you have good winter shoes or boots - grips on your boots would be a good idea.

Strides Shirts are available to participants who have raised funds (while supplies last). Top team captain will receive a great prize package to share with their team (all cash amounts must be entered on this site to qualify).  Top, on-line, individual fund raiser will receive two nights at any Prestige Inn with a $50 restaurant gift voucher!  Thank you Prestige Inn for the donation!

CHECK IN: 3pm - enter all cash and cheque donations under your fund-raising page and bring to event.  Name and mailing address will be required for cash donors who would like a tax receipt.  Cheques are payable to Kelowna's Gospel Mission.

OPENING CEREMONIES 3:45pm - WALK or RUN starts at 4pm

Soup will be served after the walk, donated by Earl's Restaurant.  Coffee and Hot Chocolate was donated and will be served by Patrick, owner of Ricky's All Day Grill 

Enter all cash pledges on-line prior to the event to qualify for top fundraiser announcements.  

Top Fundraisers

Steph Ostash$7,500.00
Mike Morrison$5,302.00
Brian Penner$2,725.00
Margaret Penner$2,175.00
Sonja Menyes$1,890.00
Robert Ferch$1,670.00
Richelle Demedeiros$1,325.00
Kitchen Mandy$1,155.00
Valerie Fichtner$1,100.00
John Jansen$1,100.00
Richard Chapman$1,065.00
Terry Scott$1,020.00
Hugo Nunez$1,015.00
Malcolm Evans$945.00
Clair Hutman$910.00
Karen Nuson$750.00
KGM Supporter$700.00
Lauren Potucek$695.00
Karl Heinitz$595.00
Ayden Ledding$585.00
Autumn Kelbert$525.00
Naomi Neukom$513.00
Sherwin Goerlitz$500.00
KGM Supporter$500.00
Carol Hutman$420.00
Llana Teichroeb$407.30
Renée Ratto$390.00
Roxy Chahley$375.00
KGM Supporter$375.00
Tanya Morrison$350.00
Janine Kray$330.00
Cherie Kray$325.00
Liz Stewart$300.00
Marcus Aurelius II$255.00
Jo-Anne Collier$250.00
KGM Supporter$250.00
KGM Supporter$250.00
KGM Supporter$250.00
KGM Supporter$250.00
Nikki Shann$220.00
Kristy Barrett$200.00
Pinky Taylor$200.00
Dickie Crandall$200.00
Heidi Myers$200.00
The Gallant’s$200.00
Harpreet Saini$200.00
KGM Supporter$150.00
Ken Helboe$150.00
KGM Supporter$150.00
Joanne Grindley$150.00
Christina Brasileiro$140.00
Bash Huey$140.00
KGM Supporter$127.00
Brigette Petersen$125.00
Terra Le Claire$120.00
KGM Supporter$120.00
Lisa Lutz$110.00
Shannon Doiron$105.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
Jacqueline Seneshen$100.00
Geordie Carroll$100.00
Micheal Agar$100.00
Helen Dick$100.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
Kaleigh M.$100.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
Harold Crandall$100.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
KGM Supporter$100.00
KGM Supporter$90.00
Marina Parker$80.00
Evan Stensrud$75.00
Hanna Ellis$75.00
Sheila Pshebnicki$75.00
Cindy Krebs$75.00
Hailey Baird$70.00
Briana Mesenbrink$65.00
Haylee Duran$60.00
Alesha Kydd$60.00
Duska McKenna$51.75
Phill Whatman$50.00
Louis Mathieu$50.00
Paul Vogan$50.00
KGM Supporter$50.00
Thomas Maier$50.00
Daryn Titterington$40.00
KGM Supporter$40.00
Jen G$35.00
KGM Supporter$25.00
KGM Supporter$20.00
Leah Ratto$20.00

Top Teams

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