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Welcome to the WALK OF LIFE on May 26, 2018!

Prevent & Recover from Heart Disease and JOIN us for the 34th WALK OF LIFE on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at the Ontario Science Centre! Take part in any 1KM, 3KM & 5KM Walk; 5KM & 10 KM Run; Chair Exercises for Seniors; and Kids Fun Run!

RARE OPPORTUNITY for the kids to interact with members of their favourite TV mascot characters - PAW PATROL!! You can also enjoy FREE parking, t-shirt, snacks & beverages, live entertainment, kids activities & bouncy castles; OSC educational modules, prizes, medals, and a BBQ Lunch. Registration is free for kids under 14.

Help us reach our goal to raise $500,000 and have 2,000 participants! If you would like to participate in the WALK OF LIFE, you must SIGN UP below or show your support and DONATE today!

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Why support this great cause?

Our new project and commitment to establish the 1st Paediatric Exercise Medicine Room and Cardiac Rehab Program for kids and adolescents in Canada at The Hospital for Sick Children in the Labatt Family Heart Centre officially opened on Feb 9, 2018! We still need your support to help fulfill our commitment and ensure this program continues for years to come. This incredible initiative will assist children with paediatric heart disorders to engage in a more active lifestyle by receiving customized exercise prescriptions tailored to the unique needs of their diagnosis. It will help to expand the work of SickKids in positively influencing the life course of children with complex cardiac conditions, and enhance our continued commitment to recovery through cardiovascular rehabilitation. Our fundraising efforts are in partnership with SickKids Hospital, Cardiac Kids and Bike2Play. The Cardiac Health Foundation's mission of 'Prevention, Education & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation' has gone full circle from supporting Dr. Terry Kavanagh's pioneer work in establishing cardiac rehab for adults across Canada 50 years ago to now working to support kids! The WALK OF LIFE will still continue to support over 25 cardiac rehab programs across Canada and cardiac health-related organizations such as University of Toronto's Dr. Terry Kavanagh Heart Health Lab; Cardiac Kids; Canadian Congenital Heart Alliance; and the Mikey Network.

To learn more about the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada, please visit us at www.walkoflife.ca or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Top Fundraisers

Irving Buchbinder$11,260.00
adam sorrenti$7,250.00
Halim Chaccour$6,200.00
Heather Avery$3,280.00
Victor Wong$3,230.00
Omni Forest Mansion$2,470.00
Drew Gardiner$2,300.00
Sandra Pires$1,470.00
Harvey Fruitman$1,100.00

Top Teams

BMO HEART$12,400.00
The A Team$5,355.00
TEAM CCHA$5,045.51
Cardiac Kids$3,120.00
The Green Family  donated  $2,000.00        Rachel Kukulewich  donated  $1,000.00        The Alex & Nelly Singer Family Foundation  donated  $750.00        1963044 Ontario Ltd.  donated  $500.00        Ariana Appraisals Inc.  donated  $500.00        Ildiko Marshall  donated  $500.00        Shela Minhas  donated  $400.00        Marci Plumbing and Heating Co. Ltd.  donated  $250.00        Natalie Avery  donated  $250.00        1940707 Ontario Inc O/A GO Tap Plus  donated  $200.00        Albert Resnick  donated  $200.00        Marian Blair  donated  $200.00        Jacqueline Medina  donated  $125.00        Adam Vandertol  donated  $100.00        Ange Wilson  donated  $100.00        Betty D'Arcy  donated  $100.00        Braden Holtby  donated  $100.00        Brian Blair  donated  $100.00        C & S Contracting  donated  $100.00        Carl Butts  donated  $100.00        Lauralee Rays  donated  $100.00        Nachum Shore  donated  $100.00        Peter Mari  donated  $100.00        Roldano Dalla Rosa  donated  $100.00        Ryan Vandertol  donated  $100.00        Stephanie Ombac  donated  $100.00        Wendy Bargh  donated  $100.00        Chris Khan  donated  $60.00        Nicola Margiotta  donated  $60.00        Peggy Lau  donated  $60.00        Debbie Fic  donated  $50.00        Dray Perenic Price  donated  $50.00        Elaine Ng  donated  $50.00        Jennifer McLaughlin  donated  $50.00        Nubar Dakessian  donated  $50.00        Roy & Maureen Bickerstaffe  donated  $50.00        Ashley Edmunds  donated  $40.00        Harvel Benjamin  donated  $40.00        Kyle Nielsen  donated  $40.00        Leslie Oliver  donated  $40.00        Melissa Fraser  donated  $40.00        Phyllis G. Hill  donated  $30.00        David Beauchamp  donated  $25.00        Julie Brown  donated  $25.00        Tom Stratigos  donated  $25.00        Ahmed Habib  donated  $20.00        Ali Chakaroun  donated  $20.00        Angoman Monir  donated  $20.00        Athanacia Papasotiriou  donated  $20.00        Ben Parch  donated  $20.00        Carlito Maniacup  donated  $20.00        Cathy Skiadas  donated  $20.00        Dina Papasotiriou  donated  $20.00        Gordon Wright  donated  $20.00        Jeremy Fraser  donated  $20.00        Jullianne Cueto  donated  $20.00        Linda Oikawa  donated  $20.00        Majid Khan  donated  $20.00        Matthew Livni  donated  $20.00        Melissa Brown  donated  $20.00        Nancy Colantonio  donated  $20.00        Natalie Numez  donated  $20.00        Paul Rowley  donated  $20.00        Phashil Chapagain  donated  $20.00        Rosa Wong  donated  $20.00        Veronica Madore  donated  $20.00        Wun-Dak Richard Chow  donated  $20.00        Aakash Harpalani  donated  $10.00        Erik Vucinich  donated  $10.00        Hasib Moeen  donated  $10.00        Ihtesham Ahmad  donated  $10.00        James Millington  donated  $10.00        Katerina Bisbicis  donated  $10.00        Kim Crockett  donated  $10.00        Leslie Ramkin  donated  $10.00        Racheal Saunders  donated  $10.00        Raphael Walrone  donated  $10.00        Rick Liu  donated  $10.00        Satwinder Mudhar  donated  $10.00        Yvonne Stephenson  donated  $10.00        Anil Maharjan  donated  $5.00        Annie Tran  donated  $5.00        Barbara Shiwnarain  donated  $5.00        Barry Johnson  donated  $5.00        Biliana Nojkova  donated  $5.00        Corazon Dela Cruz  donated  $5.00        Irene Dela Pena  donated  $5.00        Kathy Bouzios  donated  $5.00        Mageswary Srivasanthakumail  donated  $5.00        Penny Galanis  donated  $5.00        Simran Patel  donated  $5.00        Tashhn Orna  donated  $5.00        Trevor Kanhai  donated  $5.00        Jacqueline Kertcher  donated  $3.00        Bena Kitaev  donated  $2.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Cindy & Jules  donated an undisclosed amount        
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