$100,000 Goal
77% of Goal
$76,993 Raised

                                            SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 AT 6:00PM

Rosemary's Challenge invites community minded and compassionate women to celebrate Eunice's vision and help raise the necessary funds to help children and adults, just like Rosemary, realize their potential within their communities through Special Olympics Florida.

Each Ambassador and their honorees has committed to raise a minimum of $1,000 each and will receive recognition for their dedication and commitment at an exclusive formal dinner, hosted by Talk of the Town Restaurant Group.

2018 Rosemary's Challenge Ambassadors

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Top Fundraisers

Julie Kleffel$15,500.00
Kayla Joyce$2,225.00
Sandra Piantieri$2,050.00
Susan Latorre$1,880.00
Shannon O'Dell$1,690.00
Sherri Darmoc$1,650.00
Brittanie Olavarria$1,525.00
Candy Pitman$1,505.00
Sherry Wheelock$1,450.00
Sara Brady$1,430.00
Maggie Daniel$1,335.00
Berit Amlie$1,275.00
Imane Tazi$1,245.00
Ivette Kronour$1,180.00
Audra Wilks$1,115.00
Nicole Smith$1,110.00
Jason Sullivan$1,105.00
Shannon Malarik$1,090.00
Julie Newnum-Meyer$1,070.00
Dawn Millner$1,045.00
Lourdes Rosario$1,040.00
Amy Hernandez$1,040.00
Todd Bowling$1,000.00
Dana Woodsby$1,000.00
Matthew Levy$1,000.00
Norine Sutter$1,000.00
Amir Ladan$1,000.00
Carrie Miller$1,000.00
Sam Azar$1,000.00
Joanna Medina$1,000.00
Jeannette Hudgens$1,000.00
Devonna Craner$1,000.00
Megan Morris$1,000.00
Heather Johnson$1,000.00
Nancy Schwalb$1,000.00
Gina Gordy$1,000.00
April Powers$1,000.00
Becky Simmons$700.00
Jeff Bush$560.00
Ashley White$540.00
Denise Aberle$500.00
Christy Knox$500.00
Megan Sano$485.00
Patty Doolittle$460.00
James Manire$400.00
Reggie Smith$315.00
Nicole Walker$315.00
Michelle Ann$220.00
Jorge Matos$170.00
Ian Hicks-Poe$150.00
Earl Speights$120.00
Sarah Geltz$100.00
Paulvos Fuller$20.00