Scotiabank presents Tour de Guelph Five, Sunday June 24
$125,000 Goal
39% of Goal
$48,744 Raised


Supporting our community is as easy as riding a bike!

In its first four years, Tour de Guelph has raised over $200,000 for Guelph General Hospital and for local and international Rotary projects through the Rotary Clubs of Guelph South and Guelph Trillium.

Tour de Guelph is a community bicycling event for all ages and abilities. This year choose from six routes and seven distances: a 5k/10k loop through The Village by the Arboretum, the 25k Bremner Memorial Route, 50k, 75k, 100k and even a160k route for seasoned cyclists - there is a distance for everyone!

Register and start fundraising today! Tour de Guelph supports Guelph General Hospital and local Rotary projects. Your participation will make a positive impact in our community.

Know your registration options.

NEW THIS YEAR! Everyone must choose: Ride-for-the-Jersey OR Register as a Free-wheeler.

Ride-for-the-Jersey: When you agree to raise a minimum of $300, you'll receive an exclusive Tour de Guelph Five cycling jersey valued at $75 for free! On the day after the event, if you have not met this minimum fundraising goal, your credit card will be charged for the balance. For example, if you raised $220, your card will be charged $80. Note that you can set a higher fundraising goal to try to win one of the amazing top fundraiser prizes with no obligation to meet your higher goal. As long as you reach the $300 minimum, you will not be charged. You also have the option of purchasing additional jerseys when you register.

Free-wheeler: As a Free-wheeler, you decide whether or not you wish to fundraise. If you choose to fundraise, you set your own goal with no requirement to meeting a minimum fundraising amount and no obligation to meet your goal. You may still qualify for top fundraiser prizes and you may purchase a jersey for $100.00 
– you'll get the jersey and a $25 charitable tax receipt.

Choose your registration type carefully! Once you are registered, we will not be able to administer any changes or process any refunds.

Register as an individual, start a team or join a team.

You may register as an individual, start a team or join a team when you register. When you join a team, you have full flexibility to register in what ever distance you prefer, and you can decide to Ride-for-the-Jersey or to be a Free-wheeler, independent of how the rest of your team members registered.

If you join as an individual, we can add you to a team later on 
– just shoot us an email at If you joined the wrong team, we can also help you move to the correct team.

Distances & Pricing

Back by popular demand - the 75k route!

Tour de Guelph Five offers six routes:

  Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Regular Price Day-of Price
Route Jan 1 - May 11 May 12 - Jun 15 Jun 16 - 21 24-Jun
5k/10k loop  $10 $12 $15 $15
25k Bremner Memorial  $25 $30 $35 $40
50k $40 $50 $60 $70
75k $45 $55 $65 $75
100k $50 $60 $70 $80
160k century  $60 $70 $80 $90

Note that distances are not exact, they may vary by a few kilometers. Detailed route maps will be available on our website in June.

If you want to change your route distance, you can do this on the day of the event. There may be a price increase if you choose a longer route. Unfortunately, we can not offer refunds if you choose to switch to a shorter route.

Top Fundraisers

Michael Diamond$1,850.00
Team McKinnell$1,345.84
Dave Durbin$1,105.00
Diane Stuart$1,092.00
Christopher Lambert$1,000.00
Bill Allen$1,000.00
Graham Lewis$510.00
Charlie Stewart$505.00
Margaret Wells$385.00
Alvin & Margarete Gillies  donated  $250.00        Anonymous  donated  $250.00        Luke Gatto  donated  $150.00        Bill R.  donated  $100.00        Dagmar Durzi  donated  $100.00        David Payton  donated  $100.00        Denise and Peter Wicks  donated  $100.00        Faith Cook  donated  $100.00        Helmuth Slisarenko  donated  $100.00        Kathy and Steve Gallant  donated  $100.00        Keith Dickens  donated  $100.00        Shannon Baskin  donated  $100.00        Sylvia Rodriguez  donated  $100.00        Innosphere  donated  $75.00        Alex Leung  donated  $60.00        al de jong  donated  $50.00        Andrew Isaak  donated  $50.00        Anne & Gary Parsons  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Bruce and Lorraine Chambers  donated  $50.00        Charlie barnes  donated  $50.00        Don & Sue McLachlin  donated  $50.00        Gina & family  donated  $50.00        Jackie Hahn  donated  $50.00        Jim & Sandy Hill  donated  $50.00        Joanne Martini  donated  $50.00        Julie  donated  $50.00        Lane & Sya VanGeest  donated  $50.00        Martin and Mary Shelley  donated  $50.00        Ryan Gordon  donated  $50.00        Sandra & Bill Hammond  donated  $50.00        Sandra Tam  donated  $50.00        Stan  donated  $50.00        Tom Bird  donated  $50.00        Wendy McCarthy  donated  $50.00        Dan Waterston  donated  $33.34        Dan Waterston  donated  $33.33        Dan Waterston  donated  $33.33        Sheena Li  donated  $30.00        Anne Marie Moruzi  donated  $25.00        C. McEwan  donated  $25.00        G.Li  donated  $25.00        G.Li  donated  $25.00        G.Li  donated  $25.00        G.Li  donated  $25.00        Ken Chupa  donated  $25.00        Michaella Fortune  donated  $25.00        Randy and Debbie  donated  $25.00        Randy and Debbie Lyle  donated  $25.00        Randy Betts  donated  $25.00        Stephanie Allin  donated  $25.00        Susan Lawrence  donated  $25.00        Jim Stokes  donated  $21.50        Al de Jong  donated  $20.00        Andrea de Jong  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Brad Farrow  donated  $20.00        E Day  donated  $20.00        Heather Kenny  donated  $20.00        Nadine Chinnery  donated  $20.00        Alicia Beaudry  donated  $10.00        Kimberley Vermeeren  donated  $10.00        Ty Kilmer  donated  $10.00        Gabhan Chalmers  donated  $6.25        Gabhan Chalmers  donated  $6.25        Gabhan Chalmers  donated  $6.25        Gabhan Chalmers  donated  $6.25        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Liz Day  donated  $2.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Beverley Alder  donated an undisclosed amount         Bill & Marie Laidlaw  donated an undisclosed amount         Carole & Don  donated an undisclosed amount         Dale H  donated an undisclosed amount         Elisa Uribe-Handler  donated an undisclosed amount         Jim Miller  donated an undisclosed amount         Kaitlin Cynthia  donated an undisclosed amount         Margaret Young  donated an undisclosed amount         Mike Hubbard  donated an undisclosed amount         Suzanne Bone  donated an undisclosed amount         Sylvia Green  donated an undisclosed amount         Tom Schuett  donated an undisclosed amount         Valerie Alder  donated an undisclosed amount        
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