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Welcome to Dementia Alliance of North Carolina's

2018 Tuna Run Fundraising Page!

The Tuna Run is a relay where teams cover 70 or 200 scenic miles in Eastern NC.

This is the fifth year that DA-NC (formerly AlzNC) has been a charity partner for the Tuna Run and we couldn't be more grateful for the funds raised by the tireless runners who choose us as their charity! Last year five teams ran to raise funds and awareness. Click on the links below to support a team or specific runner. 

The 200 Run leaves from Garner, NC dark and early Friday morning, runs through the night and arrives at the beach the next afternoon. The Tuna 70 leaves Trenton, NC early Saturday and the both meet at Atlantic Beach for fresh tuna, refreshments and a huge celebration of their accomplishments.  

Note: Registering on this site does not mean you are registered to participate in the Tuna Run. Please visit tunarun200.com to register as a runner and learn more about the race. 

Questions about using this site or about Dementia Alliance of North Carolina? Email info@dementianc.org or call (919) 832-3732.

What is the Tuna Run 200? 

From the TunaRun200.com website:

The Tuna Run 200 is an amazing, overnight relay adventure in which you and your friends run 200 scenic miles to finish at the beach and enjoy tuna and your beverage of choice after a job well done. The Tuna Run 200 begins just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina in Lake Benson Park in Garner and will finish at the beach in Atlantic Beach on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina.
The Tuna Run 70 is an amazing, one day relay adventure in which you and your friends Run 70 Scenic Miles to finish at the beach and enjoy tuna and your beverage of choice after a job well done. The Tuna Run 70 begins in the small town of Trenton, North Carolina and will join the Tuna Run 200 Relay for the last 12 legs of that race running the length of one of Crystal Coast’s outer banks from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach before finishing at the beach.

Teams for the Tuna Run 200 are generally made up of 4 to 12 people who split 36 legs. The Tuna Run 70 teams are generally made up of 2 to 6 people who split 12 legs. Each team will provide support vans to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange zones along the race route.

The Tuna Run 200 and Tuna Run 70 are great fun for everyone – you don’t have to be an ultra runner to enjoy it. For a 12 person team in the Tuna Run 200 and 6 person team in the Tuna Run 70 the distances and training are similar to that of a half marathon. However, if you are an ultra runner you will still be challenged.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at info@tunarun200.com. 

Top Fundraisers

C Beghtel$3,500.00
Jill Paulik$220.00
Stacey Badders$100.00

Top Teams

Anonymous  donated  $1,800.00        Anonymous  donated  $1,700.00        Always Best Care matching program  donated  $250.00        Jill Paulik  donated  $200.00        Jill Paulik  donated  $200.00        Pam Stonebarger  donated  $200.00        Jennifer Robison  donated  $100.00        Molly Chowdhury  donated  $100.00        Nichole & Dean  donated  $100.00        Stacey Badders  donated  $100.00        Stacey Badders  donated  $100.00        Sanjay Das  donated  $80.00        Annika Das  donated  $50.00        Dave Neustaedter  donated  $50.00        Devika Bhaumik  donated  $50.00        Gloria M  donated  $50.00        Jessica Jensen  donated  $50.00        Kunal Das  donated  $50.00        Mary Trongo  donated  $50.00        Matt Cross  donated  $50.00        RL  donated  $50.00        Denis McDuff  donated  $25.00        Jeanne Check  donated  $25.00        Logan Greene  donated  $25.00        Mel Kosmin  donated  $25.00        Nick Check  donated  $25.00        Patty Ryan  donated  $25.00        Ronnette Myers  donated  $25.00        Diana Hadad  donated  $20.00        Day Reddy  donated  $15.00        Alisa Cooley  donated  $12.50        Shannon Tippette  donated  $12.50        Vivian McLaurin  donated  $12.50        Donna Smith  donated  $10.00        Prabal Datta  donated  $7.50        Allison, Kelly, and Kaitlyn Edwards  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         BJ Webb  donated an undisclosed amount         Kim & Tatie Robison  donated an undisclosed amount        
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