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This world-class event puts together weekend hockey warriors with their heroes from the NHL Alumni in a fun filled weekend focused on raising funds towards Alzheimer’s. All proceeds to date have gone towards furthering the research and awareness of what many believe to be Canada’s future largest epidemic, Alzheimer’s, dementia and related mental illnesses.
 All future funds will go towards programs, education, training, research and care for those suffering with Alzheimer's/Dementia disease.

Event Details: May 10th - 12th

The weekend kicks off with a luncheon on Friday, May 10th, followed by the draft night and a 2 day tournament at the Flames Community Arena.

This charity event pairs local amateur hockey players with the favourite NHL Alumni like Gary Roberts and Lanny McDonald as they drop the puck in the battle against Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. Each team will raise a minimum of $25,000, and based on total dollars raised, will determine the draft order to draft a former NHL player to join their team. Teams will then spend the weekend playing hockey and sharing stories and camaraderie with some of the Alumni’s greatest.

Don't miss this chance to play hockey with and against some of your favourite former NHL players, while creating lasting memories and raising money for a great cause!

Top Fundraisers

Jay Haralson$28,750.00
Jay McKeen$25,000.00
Derek Jacobus$24,850.00
Allan Klassen$23,050.00
David Evans$20,045.00
Steve Kovacs$16,100.00
Brad Ginet$15,000.00
JEFF Foster$12,650.00
Supporter of Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S$12,500.00
Chris Carlsen$11,200.00
Brett Chorney$10,750.00
Jesse Foster$10,675.00
Adam Pekarsky$10,250.00
Cam Bawol$10,000.00
Grant Mitchell$10,000.00
Steve Nikiforuk$6,820.00
Rick Green$6,600.00
John Guderyan$6,000.00
Brady Abraham$6,000.00
Gord Sherven$5,000.00
Gavin Grimson$5,000.00
Todd Garman$5,000.00
John Windwick$5,000.00
Strat Kane$5,000.00
Derrick Russell$5,000.00
Supporter of Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S$5,000.00
Jereme Kincaid$5,000.00
Brian Boychuk$3,950.00
Supporter of Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S$3,334.00
Cass Lintott$3,197.00
Dave Elder$3,100.00
Christopher Tonkin$3,000.00
Ryan Walker$2,850.00
Conrad Boychuk$2,750.00
Randy Smyth$2,700.00
Cole Harris$2,600.00
Paul Fixter$2,500.00
Jonathan Stronge$2,500.00
Supporter of Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S$2,500.00
Ryan McDowell$2,250.00
Brad Farris$2,185.00
Ashley Harris$2,119.00
Tom Mullane$2,000.00
Bill McTavish$1,917.00
Shawn Morasch$1,848.14
Elmer Chiu$1,817.00
Breen Neeser$1,669.00
Bob Homersham$1,667.00
Phillip Scheibel$1,667.00
Greg Gillette$1,625.00
Brian Harrison$1,610.00
Bill Tillapaugh$1,600.00
David Buye$1,540.00
Duncan Pottinger$1,519.00
Dustin Shea$1,470.00
Sheldon Kinghorn$1,469.00
Chris Harrison$1,460.00
eric chan$1,400.00
Chris Budra$1,375.00
Andrew Lawson$1,369.00
Sean Ralph$1,350.00
Mark Pavka$1,350.00
Mark MacEachern$1,325.00
Fraser Neek$1,320.00
Scott Bergen$1,319.00
Ryan Johnson$1,300.00
Jason Hipkins$1,275.00
Brent Johnston$1,235.00
Rick Deobald$1,220.00
Andrew Parke$1,219.00
Tony Messer$1,200.00
wyatt roadhouse$1,100.00
Joshua Gagnon$1,100.00
Nick Mohn$1,069.00
Danny Nasser$1,055.00
Aaron West$1,050.00
Matt Conacher$1,049.00
Shawn Mann$1,019.00
Ron Stern$1,000.00
Phil Lepage$1,000.00
Mark Hawkins$1,000.00
Kristopher Hood$1,000.00
Agostino Guido$1,000.00
David Koch$1,000.00
Mike Masse$1,000.00
Keith Arsenault$1,000.00
Scott Montgomery$1,000.00
Paul Scott$1,000.00
Graham Terryberry$1,000.00
todd ramsay$1,000.00
Ron Evans$1,000.00
Brock Melnyk$1,000.00
Jeff Robson$1,000.00
Darcy Macleod$970.00
Jason Huber$925.00
Mike frayling$875.00
Tyrone Howden$869.00
J.D. Stevenson$850.00
Supporter of Gordie Howe C.A.R.E.S$825.00
Zachary Klassen$810.00

Top Teams

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