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The Access Walk for Good Food is an annual 5k walk in Grand Rapids, taking place May 5, 2019. The goal of the Walk is to fund non-profit organizations that address issues of food access and poverty. The work of these 14 recipient organizations aligns with the definition of Good Food, which is: healthy (food that provides nourishment and enables people to thrive) fair (food that no one along the production line was exploited during its creation) affordable (food that all people have access to ) green (food that was produced in a manner that is environmentally sustainable)

For information about this year's recipient agencies, click here.

What if everyone in our community could have equal access to food that nourishes, creates good jobs, is affordable, and treats the earth well as it is produced? What if non-profit organizations, businesses, congregations, farms and individuals could come together to achieve this vision?

We believe it's possible.

That's why we walk. Share the vision, walk with us.

For walker tips and resources, click here. You'll find access to downloadable flyers, social media updates, and fundraising tips.

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