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Do you have an idea for a fundraising event?

Start your OWN fundraiser in support of St. Joseph's Hospice! The options are endless - you could hold a bake sale,  organize a hike or bike ride, host a community movie night in your backyard, create a challenge for your office colleagues or hold a virtual birthday party!


No matter how big or small, all events help to raise much needed awareness and funds for St. Joseph's Hospice. 

Ready to create your event? Click ‘Register’ and receive the tools you need to begin promoting your event at your place of work, within your community or among family and friends.


Get started in 3 easy steps: 



Do you have an idea for a fundraising event?


Things to think about:


• What type of event are you going to host?

• Where will you host your event?

• What is your fundraising goal?

• How will you raise money?

• Do you need help?

• Do you require any licenses? (bingo, raffle, alcohol)


Go to the next step to get started.




Once you’ve decided what to do and set a fundraising goal, it’ll only take a minute to set up and register your fundraising page. Fill in the registration information, and just like that you'll be ready to start!




Spread the word about your fundraising event and ask your friends to participate, or support you by making a donation.

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it through e-mail, social media and word of mouth. The more people you tell, the quicker you'll reach your goal.

If you have questions or need some guidance to getting start started, please contact:

Brittany Webb

Special Events Coordinator

St. Joseph's Hospice



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