2018 Polar Plunge
$400,000 Goal
48% of Goal
$191,649 Raised

                10th Annual Special Olympics Alaska Polar Plunge
                                        Saturday, December 15
                                              10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
                                                  Goose Lake 

Its that time again for Freezin' for a Reason! Team Up and take the plunge at the 10th Annual Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Alaska Saturday, December 15 at Goose Lake in Anchorage.

The Polar Plunge is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to support Special Olympics Alaska athletes by gathering pledges and plunging into the icy waters of Goose Lake. For those who are "Too Cool to Plunge" you can still participate.

All proceeds go to Special Olympics Alaska to provide sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities.


Top Fundraisers

Nicolle Egan $10,280.39
Mark Hylen$10,270.91
Lara Mabry$3,766.00
CScholz $2,847.14
Tom Hendrix$2,791.83
John Hendrix$2,350.83
Jacob Jones$2,344.36
Rick Fox$2,180.83
Teresa Newins$1,800.00
Skyler Helgeson$1,795.83
Chris McGinty$1,771.26
Sarah Arts$1,683.39
Dannon Southall$1,679.00
Dale Girvan $1,673.00
Bill Schmid$1,561.68
Joe Pichler$1,535.39
Ayesha Abdul-Jillil$1,471.39
Rick Germaine$1,416.47
Stefanie Wall$1,325.00
Jessica Bjornstad$1,283.61
Logan Lathrop$1,248.36
Carin E. Flug$1,242.00
Chad Helgeson$1,230.83
Emily Tymick$1,173.39
Joanna Paris$1,142.39
Sam Beverlin$1,110.00
Nissa Fowler$1,060.00
Samwise Lebo$1,010.00
Denielle Hrovat$1,003.26
Eden Richardson $1,001.69
Chantal Walsh$1,000.00
Sage Caswell$935.39
Fr. Tom Lilly$910.00
Brooke Bowers$889.50
Kerry Jones$842.00
Dakota McDaniel$836.70
Bros For Os$808.34
Kylee Miller$808.00
Jessica Linquist$772.55
Frank Hauser$768.36
Nicole Allen$760.00
Shelley Cooper$757.66
Jimmy Johnson$750.00
Michael M.Moore$728.02
Sierra Helwig$698.36
Cali Schultz $669.66
Karen Schudel$668.66
Brian Harder$665.00
Andy Lohman$660.00
Anthony Martin Alaska's Total Traffic, IHeartRadio$660.00
Kelsie Bates$651.00
Ryan Johnson$646.69
Johnny Ray Brown Jr$635.14
Monty Rogers$630.00
adam washburn$630.00
Catie Kochanski$628.00
Jessica Thomas$615.83
Halley Sullivan$614.36
Steve Smithson$600.00
Eric Buring$586.00
Kevin Manson$584.64
Claire Gallardo$567.57
Mary Ellen Simpson$530.00
Jessica Bonner$520.00
Cassie Thompson$517.00
Kellie Merrill$516.70
Nicolle Welch$512.80
Colleen Cleland$500.83
OMG Anch is cold!!!! (er)$500.49
Team Roger and Ezra$500.00
Ashley Wahl$500.00
Bailey Mezgec$500.00
Charlie Michael$500.00
Geoff Lundfelt$500.00
Jenny McLaughlin$490.00
Garrett Stortz$487.00
Eva Lyons$485.39
T Sconiers$480.00
Kenny Gill$471.00
Claire Smith$463.36
Spencer Gunter$463.36
Kaylee Merrill$461.65
Eli Stine$457.50
Addison Swanson$454.65
Talya Barnes$450.00
Nate Church$450.00
Lawrence Hicks$446.00
Sienna Rodgers$445.00
Jaidra Lussow$435.00
Adam Ahonen$433.36
Zan Walsh$430.83
Holly Hylen$430.83
Neil Murray$423.39
Delta Kappa Gamma - Zeta$410.00

Top Teams

Oh Yeah Man$22,314.00
Service High Partners Club$17,420.00
Team GCI$13,823.40
Jumpin' for Jim$6,454.00
South High Partners Club$5,863.68
Families of the Knights$5,107.00
Spread Eagles $2,815.00
Frozen Assets$2,606.80
Eagle River High School$2,551.00
APD Midshift$2,513.25
Alaska Waste$2,365.00
KTVA 11 News$2,312.40
Northern Lights Swim Club$2,295.00
APD Swing Shift$2,293.01
Team Alaska USA$2,180.00
Belmont Boys$2,145.00
Shakin' and Shiverin'$1,465.00
The Men and Women in Black$1,460.00
Delta Kappa Gamma - Zeta$1,435.00
Dunkin' Donuts$1,433.00
Team Alex$1,372.00
Creighton Occupational Therapy students$1,319.00
Bird Creek Barbarians Rugby$1,312.00
Jacobs Team$1,295.00
Wood. Alaska$1,202.72
BOMA Anchorage Emerging Professionals Group$1,195.00
Alaska Dogs Gone Wild$1,188.70
Safety First!$1,080.00
Jessica's Jelly Bean Jumpers$1,020.00
Enterprise Engineering$1,006.00
Team T-Rex$950.00
USMS Alaska$950.00
Bartlett Golden Bears$935.00
Tech High School Trout$931.00
Eagle River Panthers$925.00
Bros For Os$925.00
Oldies But Goodies$842.00
CVFRD Crew 3$805.00
Franz Family Bakery$805.00
Medical Park Family Care$790.00
Alaskan Crazies$755.00
Team AMOC 2$755.00
Team Money$730.00
Team AMOC$706.00
Tooth Fairy Brigade$695.00
302nd Fighter Squadron - The Hellions$682.00
Slushy Swimmers$681.00
Team Polar Bear$680.00
Big Ray's$673.00
Mears Life Skills$655.00
Public Health Avengers$650.00
The Alaskan Beach Boys$645.00
Chugiak High School Partners Club$595.00
Freezin' Fannies$557.00
The Plungers$530.00
Re-Frozen Caveman Lawyers$500.00
Alcan Dental Group$500.00
The Goosebumps$481.00
Black Ice$430.00
I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered$380.00
Correctional Officer Plunge Team$375.00
Polar Bears$357.00
Muni Chillin$325.00
Antarctic Swimmers$300.00
ASL club too$300.00
Froze Toes$260.00
Hot Tamales$240.00
"AK PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE's" Fan Page$226.67
We Like Mozzarella Sticks$182.00
East High ASL Club$125.00
Dimond High Partners Club $115.00
The Three French Hens$90.00
Team Tudor$50.00
IDEA Hippies$40.00
Lynx Women's Rugby$25.00
Ravenwood 6th Graders$20.00
Alaska Surgery Center$20.00