Trick or Eat 2018
$25,000 Goal
$8,969 Raised

        Let's make a difference this Halloween. Join in Trick or Eat 

Students across Canada need our help, and we need yours. This Halloween, fundraise to help Meal Exchange sustain and strengthen its ability support students as they boldly envision a Canada without student hunger. Your participation in Trick or Eat will address the immediate need of hunger through participating in the largest door-to-door Halloween food drive and raise much needed funds to support student-led efforts to tackle student hunger in the long term.

Student hunger is on the rise in Canada; 40% of post-secondary students in Canada struggle with food insecurity, meaning they do not have reliable access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food. We know it doesn't need to be this way. Students are making a difference and you can too! Join thousands across the country in Trick or Eat 2018!

Top Fundraisers

Anita Abraham$910.00
Sarah Archibald$725.00
Talia Strickland $315.00
Alexandra Ages$270.00
Keisha Waterman$250.00
Nicole Pavan$225.00
Jessica Besaw$213.00
Cassandra Morano$205.00
Grace Anderson$176.31
Jacqueline Dowhanik $150.00
Hayley White$126.31
TNT Tigers$125.00
Kyra Tessier$125.00
CUSA Food Centre$105.00
Nataliya Pshenyshna$101.31
Emily Fowler$100.00
Sheila Byrne$95.00
Lauren Hughes$85.00
Keisha Sellar$76.31
Megan Kuznitsoff$75.00