Thank you and congratulations to our Top Teams and Fundraisers across Ontario

Top Fundraisers

Jeff Sutherland $32,845.00
Mike Rannie$28,927.00
Joanne Dorazio$27,146.00
Carol Skinner$18,890.00
Friend of ALS Canada$12,390.00
Vivian McGuire$11,270.00
Erik Igel$9,845.00
Friend of ALS Canada$9,693.00
LIZ BALOG$8,895.00
Walk Route Sponsors$8,525.00

Top Teams

Sutherland Supporters$54,524.00
Team Rannie$35,437.00
Team Peacock$34,806.92
Tim's Titans$34,381.00
Living Loving Laughing Walkers$24,390.00
Team Cels$21,660.00
The Jane Train$19,145.00
Sheila's Girls$18,925.00
Team Jana$17,060.00
Heaney's Heroes$16,430.00