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$75,000 Goal
60% of Goal
$44,744 Raised

Welcome to the 2019 Million Meter Row!

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Top Fundraisers

Nick Ostrowski$6,366.00
Chris Stearns$3,180.00
Allison Boller $2,192.00
Richard Rec$1,900.00
Chris Budnik$1,475.00
Andrew Gissal$1,000.00
Mike Dorosz$970.00
Billy Jensen$925.75
Luke Voss$775.00
Nate Edwards $750.00

Top Teams

Lex Artis Alpha$6,366.00
Mission One$3,705.00
Metro Group Real Estate$2,235.00
Count Scapula$2,055.00
The Machine$1,600.75
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