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$75,000 Goal
4% of Goal
$3,233 Raised

Welcome to the 2019 Million Meter Row!


There will be multiple registration dates:
Each registration date will require a different pledge amount.
To reserve your rower, the registration dates and pledge amounts will be as follows:
1. December 26th, 2018 - $750 Pledge to reserve a rower
2. January 9th, 2019 - $500 Pledge to reserve a rower
3. January 23rd, 2019 - $250 Pledge to reserve a rower


 There will be 50 rowers again. Last year, the on-site rowers sold out in a week, so be sure to move fast! Once we move into the 2nd registration date, we will be opening registration to the public! That means that if you want to participate in the 2019 event you will need to act fast!
- For the pledge, this is the amount that you pledge your team will raise by June 1st, 2019, this is NOT what you will be paying to sign up. Registration for teams captains and participants will again be $35.
 - In case the pledge amount feels like a lot, let's break it down...If you have a team of four people, that's $250 per person. You'll have 5 months, to raise that money, which is only $50 per month per person! 
- Why are we doing this? We believe that this event can raise over $100,000 some day. This is a first step on getting all of us moving in that direction together!

Use the menu above to choose any of the following options!

1. Register - Sign up a team or as an individual

2. Login - This will take you to your existing team or individual profile

3. Search The Rowers - This button gives you the option to search for individual rowers OR teams to donate to

4. Donate - Make a general donation to the fundraiser - If you are looking to donate to a specific person, be sure to use the "Search The Rowers" button!

Top Fundraisers

Nick Ostrowski$1,060.00
Jeremy Dull$200.00
Giovanna Special$120.00
Ellen Plunkett$100.00
Billy Jensen$100.00
Cassie Testori$100.00
Scott Ckark$100.00
Mike Wargo$100.00
Adam Weiner$100.00

Top Teams

Lex Artis Alpha$1,060.00
The Machine$250.00
Herbie's misfits$220.00
Joust Strength and Fitness$150.00
Platoon Eyes Up Rise Up$100.00
Crossfit Platoon$100.00
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