2019 Bike to the Moon
$35,000 Goal
106% of Goal
$37,000 Raised

Join us as we Bike to the Moon in the fight to end PKD!

Bike to the Moon is an annual PKD Foundation of Canada global bikeathon. Collectively, we aim to bike the distance to the moon (384,400 km) and raise funds for critical Canadian PKD research within the Hereditary Kidney Disease Program at Toronto General Hospital.

How do I participate?

Bike to the Moon is an event that is perfect for both casual and serious cyclists. You can participate any time during June 21-24, 2019 by planning your ride solo, rallying a group of friends together or by joining a community event. Choose a route in your own community or spend the weekend exploring new territories.

How many kilometres do I need to ride?

Whether you bike 1 km on one day or 400 km over four days, every dollar raised and every kilometre cycled brings us closer to the ultimate finish line: A cure for PKD.

Sign up today and help raise funds for critical Canadian research!

 After registering online, you can take advantage of features like:

 — creating a personal fundraising page to track dollars raised

 — tools to email family, friends and colleagues

 — making your kick-off gift online

Purchase your Bike to the Moon Cycling Gear!

We have set up an online store with Bike to the Moon cycling gear as an option to help generate awareness for the PKD Foundation of Canada and the Bike to the Moon fundraising event, as well as to build visibility for those cycling as part of a team.

Click here to check out the online store for Bike to the Moon cycling jerseys and shorts, athletic tees, knapsacks and more! 10% of your order will go directly to this year's Bike to the Moon campaign! Orders will arrive by the date posted at the time of your purchase. 

OUR ONLINE STORE WILL OPEN MAY 1st, 2019! For all orders placed by May 22nd, 2019, delivery will be scheduled for June 5th, 2019!

Top Fundraisers

Doug Munkley$4,413.00
Greg Belesiotis$1,525.00
Ian Baron$1,255.00
Huys Riders$1,025.00
Laura Cousens$725.00
Ardella Ridley$715.00
Monika Kastelic$375.00
Kelly Kocsis$350.00
Bike for Mike$325.00

Top Teams