Want to make an even bigger difference in the Veteran and First Responder community?

Create your own fundraising event! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or hosting an event to honour the memory of a loved one, fundraising is an impactful and fun way to provide invaluable support to those who have or are still serving.

Eighty-two cents of every dollar goes directly towards helping our ill and injured uniformed men and women of service and their families in their hour of need. Because of generous supporters like you, we are able to provide access to programs that are changing and saving lives and families.

3rd Party fundraising provides an online platform and resources to empower you to raise money your way. You can create your own personal or group fundraiser, challenge yourself, or dedicate and celebrate. You decide how to get your family, friends, and community to be #INTHISTOGETHER for the mental health of those who serve Canada everyday.

Your efforts will make a difference and allow Wounded Warriors Canada to continue to Honour the Fallen and Help the Living.

Top Fundraisers

Paul Hurst$14,872.00
Lane Douglas-Hunt$5,100.00
Steve Kowan$2,105.00
Maria ♥$2,032.00
Marissa Morison$1,602.00
Sarge and Stephane Marcotte$1,050.00
Dave Nesbitt$940.00
Bend to Whistler Challenge$900.00
Nicholas Larson  donated  $45.00        Vera Kotuk  donated  $50.00        David Simpkin  donated  $100.00        Patricia Koblizek  donated  $60.00        Harry James  donated  $75.00        Stu Ireson  donated an undisclosed amount         Josh and Stacey  donated  $100.00        Frank Cyr  donated  $90.00        Tyler Willis  donated  $50.00        Luigi Colombo  donated  $20.00        Jon Lucas  donated an undisclosed amount         Jordan Galpin  donated  $60.00        Maria Weber  donated  $50.00        Brittany Diano  donated  $25.00        Marquis Dankwerth  donated an undisclosed amount         Tracy Brewer  donated  $60.00        Allie and Aj Sinclair  donated  $90.00        Anma Lambert  donated  $45.00        Ben Angle  donated  $90.00        Fiona Borland  donated  $90.00        Courtney Looye  donated an undisclosed amount         Judith Tucker  donated  $50.00        Paul Howlett  donated  $105.00        Lynda Riordan  donated  $105.00        Ethan Phillips  donated  $50.00        Murray Beare  donated  $48.00        Allan Waddell  donated  $20.00        Ryan Blaschuk  donated  $150.00        Henryk Kotuk  donated  $50.00        Sean Gardner  donated  $100.00        Tammy Faux  donated  $120.00        Gloria and John Petitti  donated an undisclosed amount         dino bruno  donated  $90.00        Sam C-p  donated  $20.00        David Bratzer  donated an undisclosed amount         Shane Rappel  donated  $105.00        Claude Montreuil  donated an undisclosed amount         Ted Hawthorne  donated  $105.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Jocelyne Letain  donated  $50.00        Paul Reaper  donated  $50.00        Four Mile Brewpub  donated  $500.00        meghan porter  donated  $200.00        David Jaeger  donated  $75.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Gale Kirkham  donated an undisclosed amount         Mark Wardman  donated an undisclosed amount         Lee Maguire  donated  $50.00        Warren & Deidre Spaan  donated  $100.00        Sean O'Brien  donated  $50.00        MARTIN RAYMOND  donated  $25.00        Scott Allingham  donated  $45.00        Rob Wilson  donated  $50.00        Mike Makow  donated  $75.00        Chris Herten  donated  $50.00        Ian Callan  donated  $45.00        Kimberley Vaulkhard  donated  $105.00        Michael J Ward  donated  $100.00        Kevin Goldberg  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Lois & Jerry Bevan  donated  $200.00        Jim Faulkner  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated  $45.00        Clay Wiebe  donated  $60.00        Lisa Borovica  donated  $45.00        Tracy McConnell  donated an undisclosed amount         Tamara Cocco  donated an undisclosed amount         Kyla Ganton  donated  $45.00        Lynn Hooper  donated  $200.00        Maureen Mccann  donated  $50.00        Linda Knight  donated  $50.00        Jeff Pope  donated  $700.00        Jon Deakin  donated  $50.00        Alex Kennedy  donated  $105.00        Don Halbert  donated  $100.00        Songhees Nation  donated an undisclosed amount         Chris Jancowski  donated an undisclosed amount         Roberta Dewolf  donated  $1,000.00        Peninsula Co-op  donated  $1,500.00        Anonymous  donated  $60.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Kathie West  donated  $50.00        Miguel Laroche  donated  $90.00        Adam Nott  donated an undisclosed amount         Paul Paone  donated  $100.00        todd davis  donated an undisclosed amount         Ambulance Paramedics of BC CUPE 873  donated  $2,500.00        Race Roster Virtual Run  donated  $245.00        Tanya Silletta  donated  $105.00        Jillian Shields  donated  $50.00        Mike Bowen  donated  $165.00        Tyson Bailey  donated  $50.00        Mark Lucovic  donated  $60.00        Melissa Randall  donated  $105.00        Anastasiya Vasylyeva  donated  $50.00        Cathy Caravan  donated an undisclosed amount         Larissa and Shaun Juby  donated  $100.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Ryan Young  donated  $105.00        Judith Barnes  donated  $105.00