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  IMPORTANT!  Please Note:  If you register after Wed., Sept. 11, you will NOT RECEIVE A SHIRT. The shirt vendor requires orders 10 DAYS in        advance of delivery date.  Previously, Ovar has estimated sizes for folks who haven't registered and then MANY shirts were left over after the      event.  This is not a good use of donated dollars.  We ask for your help and understanding.  Please register by Sept. 11 if you want a shirt.            Many, many thanks!!!!  We appreciate you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

For additional Event Deadlines and more, click the "EVENT INFORMATION" link above.  THANKS!!!

The Teal Ribbon Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk is held annually by Ovar’coming Together to raise funds to help fulfill the organization’s mission of creating awareness, supporting ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers, and funding ovarian cancer research initiatives. The event celebrates, remembers and honors women affected by ovarian cancer. Event participants may choose from a 1-mile walk, a 5K walk or a 5K competitive run.

Fesivities include entertainment, a TEAL Market, a Survivors Tent, educational booths and more! The event takes place each September to honor Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Activities begin at 8am at Downtown City Market in Indianapolis. 

Ovar'coming Together is grateful to everyone who helps make the event a success. Participants come from as many as 17 different states to be a part of the event. In total, nearly 1600 individuals participate.

Top Fundraisers

Shirley Thomas$1,000.00
Kim Yoder$500.00
Paige Kervan$120.00
Team Pam Spicer$100.00

Top Teams

Shirley Thomas  donated  $1,000.00        Anonymous  donated  $500.00        Brother Bill Johnson  donated  $500.00        Kim Yoder  donated  $500.00        Michael Helms  donated  $500.00        Bruce Armstrong  donated  $100.00        Charlotte Hendrix  donated  $100.00        chris custis  donated  $100.00        Community Surgery Center South  donated  $100.00        Denise (Dee) Opel  donated  $100.00        Jeanne Schilder  donated  $100.00        Karen Cronin  donated  $100.00        kevin Johnson  donated  $100.00        Mark Sublette  donated  $100.00        Nan Sublette  donated  $100.00        Rose Sublette  donated  $100.00        Stefanie Turner  donated  $100.00        Stephanie Wright  donated  $100.00        Thomas Sublette  donated  $100.00        Colleen Brown  donated  $75.00        Anne Wright  donated  $65.00        Bree Szatkowski  donated  $50.00        Carma Kipfer  donated  $50.00        Gina Sublette  donated  $50.00        Greg Schmoll  donated  $50.00        Heather Grilley  donated  $50.00        Jan McNulty  donated  $50.00        Julie Scott  donated  $50.00        Melanie Myers  donated  $50.00        Pam Ernsting  donated  $50.00        Sally Schmoll  donated  $50.00        Sally Nixon  donated  $50.00        Stephen Trusty  donated  $50.00        Sue Rivers  donated  $50.00        Susan Luce  donated  $50.00        Teresa Thornburgh  donated  $50.00        Vincent Spicer  donated  $50.00        Wendee Maniago  donated  $50.00        Anne Wright  donated  $35.00        Abby Tilton  donated  $25.00        Barbara Benjamin  donated  $25.00        Christina Walters  donated  $25.00        Clark Rogers  donated  $25.00        Claudia Lord  donated  $25.00        Jacob Warmoth  donated  $25.00        Jamie Milligan  donated  $25.00        Jeremy Metz  donated  $25.00        Jessica Metz  donated  $25.00        Kent Clark  donated  $25.00        Mickey Luttrell  donated  $25.00        Nicole Williams  donated  $25.00        Robin Jackson  donated  $25.00        Rochelle Speckman  donated  $25.00        Sally Zahn  donated  $25.00        Shannon Oisten  donated  $25.00        Stephanie Garwood  donated  $25.00        Ailish Byrne  donated  $20.00        Jada Rivers  donated  $20.00        Kathryn Broshous  donated  $20.00        Kevin Niehus  donated  $20.00        Konnor Presnell  donated  $20.00        Michelle Burnett  donated  $20.00        Susan Molyneux  donated  $20.00        Alexa Hunter  donated  $10.00        Brad Hunter  donated  $10.00        Cody Hunter  donated  $10.00        Jimmy Hawley  donated  $10.00        Kathy Hunter  donated  $10.00        Robert Hunter  donated  $10.00        Tabitha Hunter  donated  $10.00        Wendy Metz  donated an undisclosed amount        
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