$75,000 Goal
95% of Goal
$71,146 Raised

March of Dimes is a champion for families, fighting for the health of moms and babies across the country. We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start.

Unfortunately, not all babies get one.
Premature birth is the largest contributor to infant death in the United States and globally.
• Pregnancy-related death has increased by more than 200% in the past 25 years.
• About 700 women die each year in the United States from complications during or after pregnancy.

Ask how your visit today can make a difference in our fight for the health of every mom and baby.

Top Teams

Durango Dental Group$7,610.00
Henderson Dental Group and Orthodontics$7,400.00
Temecula Modern Dentistry$4,005.00
Spring Valley Dentist Office$3,493.50
Las Vegas Modern Dentistry$2,890.00
Temecula Dental Practice and Orthodontics$2,698.00
South Corona Dental Group $2,590.00
Shadow Mountain Dental Group and Orthodontics$2,560.00
Mira Loma Smiles Dentistry$2,500.00
Flamingo Smiles Dentistry$2,060.00
Grove Dental Group and Orthodontics$1,800.00
Murrieta Dental Group and Orthodontics$1,779.10
Canyon Pointe Dental Group$1,630.00
Mountain Dental Group$1,480.00
Charleston Smiles Dentistry$1,370.00
Henderson Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics$1,245.00
Menifee Smiles Dentistry$1,220.00
MacDonald Ranch Modern Dentistry$1,210.00
Rancho Mirage Dental Group$1,200.00
Desert Crossing Dental Group and Orthodontics$1,110.00
Clinton Keith Dental Group$865.00
Crossing Dental Group and Orthodontics$860.00
Marketplace Dental Group and Orthodontics$850.00
Craig Ranch Dental Group$840.00
My Kids Dentist$770.00
Eastvale Smiles Dentistry$750.00
Rancho Cucamonga Smiles Dentistry$740.00
Dentist of Spring Valley$700.00
Main Street Dental Group and Orthodontics$700.00
Spanish Springs Modern Dentistry$690.00
Menifee Dental Group and Orthodontics / Menifee Kids Dentistry$660.00
San Jacinto Smiles and Orthodontics$630.00
Gateway Dental Group and Orthodontics$570.00
Alexander Dental Group and Orthodontics$520.00
Palm Springs Modern Dentistry$510.00
Ranch Plaza Dental Group$470.00
Shadow Mountain Smiles Dentistry$460.00
Desert Gateway Dental Group $430.00
Diamond Dental Group and Orthodontics$421.00
Paradise Smiles Dentistry$420.00
Meadows Dental Group$420.00
Indio Modern Dentistry$390.00
Rainsprings Dental Group and Orthodontics$380.00
East Murrieta Dental Group and Orthodontics$350.00
Green Valley Modern Dentistry$340.00
Bear Creek Dental Group and Orthodontics$333.00
Winery Estate Dental Group$330.00
Menifee Lakes Dental Group$330.00
Hamner Dental Group and Orthodontics$320.00
Plaza Dental Group$310.00
Oak Grove Dental Group$300.00
Silverado Ranch Dentistry$300.00
N. Rancho Cucamonga Dental Group and Orthodontics$280.00
Murrieta Dental Group and Orthodontics$275.00
Green Valley Smiles Dentistry$270.00
La Quinta Dental Group and Orthodontics$270.00
Hemet Modern Dentistry$230.00
Dentists of North Las Vegas$230.00
Deer Springs Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics$215.00
Monet Dental Group$125.00
Perris Modern Dentistry$110.00
Hemet Dental Group and Orthodontics$90.00
Stephanie Dental Group$90.00
Las Vegas Modern Smiles Dentistry$60.00