Polar Plunge
$20,000 Goal
108% of Goal
$21,633 Raised

Take the Plunge for Special Olympics Saskatchewan

Join Saskatchewan Law Enforcement Torch Run officers and the brave citizens of Regina and take the plunge in support of Special Olympics Saskatchewan and its over 1200 Special Olympics athletes!  

Date: February 17th, 2020
Plunge Times: 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM
Location: Victoria Square Shopping Centre (Northeast parking lot), Regina
Registration: $40 minimum registration fee/donation

What is a Polar Plunge?

As the name implies, a Polar Plunge is a winter fundraising event whereby individuals have the “honour” of bravely jumping into freezing cold waters in the middle of the bitter Saskatchewan winter. They are able to participate by securing donations from friends, family members, co-workers, local businesses, or their community. It’s a great way for everyone—individuals, organizations, and businesses—to get involved in support of Special Olympics and show winter who’s boss.

How Does the Polar Plunge Raise Money?

Plungers will either pay the registration fee or raise the minimum requirement to be able to take part in the Plunge. Incentives will be given to Plungers based on how much money they raise in donations. Costumes are strongly encouraged!

How to participate in the Polar Plunge in 5 easy steps:
   1. "Take the Plunge" and sign up online
   2. Collect pledges from friends, family and coworkers - remember all the money raised goes to support Special Olympics Saskatchewan
   3. Read our tips for a fun, successful plunge
   4. Pick your costume including s
hoes (for safety reasons, footwear is mandatory for all plunge participants)
   5. Show up, think warm thoughts and try not to chicken out

Pledge a Plunger

Do you know someone who is daring enough to take the plunge? Support their fundraising efforts and pledge that plunger!  

Who can Plunge?

We welcome all hardy souls who are brr-ave enough to attempt it - as long as they have shoes! All plungers or their legal guardian will be required to sign a waiver prior to participating and they must have shoes to wear into the water. Pre-registrations will be taken online and walk ups will be accepted the day of. 

Awards to be won! 

Imagine the pride and joy you will feel taking home the Golden Plunger or Polar Bear Award! Raise the most in pledges or wear the best costume and take home one of these prestigious award.


That's right! You help make the 2020 Polar Plunge a success by raising pledges and we will provide you with gifts! By fundraising the minimum amount ($40) you will automatically receive an entry to win a gift basket.

Incentive Levels:
$40 (minimum) - Entry to win a Gift Basket
$100 - Polar Plunge Towel
$500 - Polar Plunge Toque
Prize awarded to the highest fundraiser!

About Special Olympics Saskatchewan

Special Olympics Saskatchewan is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability through participation in sport. This can only be made possible through the generous donations that are raised at events such as the Polar Plunge. 

About Law Enforcement Torch Run

Without the support of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, there would be no Polar Plunge. Plunges are a part of the year-round fundraising efforts through the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Saskatchewan. Through LETR law enforcement members throughout the province assist in creating awareness and generating funds for Special Olympics Saskatchewan. Over the years the Torch Run has evolved and now encompasses a variety of innovative fundraising platforms. Since inception, the global LETR movement has raised nearly ¾ billion dollars and changed millions of attitudes.

Afraid of the Cold?
That doesn't mean you can't still be part of the fun!
You can stay warm and dry and still support our event with our Law Enforcement Torch Run SK Too Chicken to
Plunge 50/50 Raffle with a maximum available prize amount of $2,500.

Purchase a raffle ticket represented by a corresponding numbered rubber chicken and have it do the plunging for you!
Draw to be conducted at the LETR Polar Plunge for Special Olympics on Monday, February 17th at 4:00pm, Waskimo Winter Festival site, Wascana Park, Regina, SK. Following the plungers, all purchased chickens will be released into the water. A chicken will be rescued at random and if your ticket number matches the number on the chicken you will win 50% of the total ticket sales amount.

Only 1000 tickets available, $5.00/ticket.
All proceeds to benefit Special Olympics Saskatchewan.
SLGA Lottery Licence # SR19-2873

Tickets available for sale/purchase only within Saskatchewan. To purchase tickets, email jzerr@specialolympics.sk.ca

Top Fundraisers

Rob King$2,663.80
Nathan Basey$1,920.00
Tyler McMurchy$1,855.00
Greg Gilbertson$1,601.00
Faye Matt$1,400.00