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                  Support us for the 2020 Second Harvest Hero
                                    Truck Pull Challenge!
                  Tuesday, September 15th at Downsview Park

Toronto’s most heroic challenge is to end hunger and food waste. Over one billion pounds of perfectly good, nutritious food is wasted annually in the GTA. With the added impact of the COVID pandemic, 1 in 7 families across Canada experience hunger. Second Harvest acts as the bridge between this healthy food and those that need it most in our city. We work across the supply chain from farm to retail to rescue and distribute surplus perishable, nutrient-dense food to over 400 local social service agencies, helping the most vulnerable people across the GTA.

Second Harvest needs the support of Heroes like YOU to help us rescue this food before it gets to landfill and provide nutritious meals to those in need. Food from Second Harvest is provided free of charge to a wide variety of social service agencies including homeless shelters, women's shelters, kid's lunch and after school programs, centres for people experiencing mental health or addiction issues, and many other community resource centers where people in need can access basic services. For every dollar you raise, Second Harvest is able to rescue and deliver enough food for more than two healthy meals for vulnerable Torontonians. 

But we are not alone in this fight, so what better way to support a heroic cause than to compete against like-minded organizations devoted to food rescue and take on the heroic task of pulling a 10-tonne truck, loaded with thousands of pounds of food donations, for a distance of 100 feet?

This year’s event will see our own Second Harvest team compete against other food rescue organizations in a friendly competition within our industry, with all teams fundraising to directly support their mission.  Together, we're all working towards a shared goal of ending food waste and food insecurity in our community.

For more information, please contact Kris-John Kucharik at 647-223-5553 or krisjohnk@secondharvest.ca.

Thank you for being a Second Harvest Hero!

Top Teams

Second Harvest$2,034.55
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