What is a Sight Saver?

A Sight Saver is a champion in our community who is looking to start their own fundraiser in support of Fighting Blindness Canada.

There are many different things that a Sight Saver can do to raise funds – the ideas are endless. Check out our Sight Saver Fundraising Ideas to get some inspiration!

Register to be a Sight Saver and we will help with your own personal fundraising page including donation tools, images and tips for a successful event.

We are so very grateful for all those who become Sight Savers and fundraise for Fighting Blindness Canada in their own way.

Register as a Sight Saver and start fundraising today to support ground-breaking vision research in Canada.

Why Fight Blindness?

Over 1.5 million Canadians are living with blinding retinal eye diseases right now.

Over 5.5 million Canadians are living with an eye condition that puts them at significant risk of losing their sight.

Some were born blind. Others have experienced vision loss as teenagers or during adulthood. Many have been forced to sacrifice their independence, leaving life-long careers or forfeiting their driver’s license. More still have been losing sight of their loved ones, as blind spots overtake the clarity of their children’s faces.

And as field of vision fades, so too can hope.

By becoming a Sight Saver and raising funds, you are helping Fighting Blindness Canada offer hope to Canadians by identifying the best, most promising research that is driving treatments and cures for blinding eye diseases forward.

You can learn more about the impact you can have by supporting Fighting Blindness Canada here.

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2020 Top Fundraisers

Owen Macgowan$55,143.50
Sight Saver$30,728.61
Vince Lombardi$15,969.00
Johnny Hirst$12,825.00
John Forman$8,490.00
Doug Earle$2,740.00
Jennifer Celebre$2,154.64
Susan Techner.SongsforSight$1,851.00
Doris Bernard$1,775.00
Sight Saver$1,625.00