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The Heart and Stroke Foundation
$10,000 Goal
34% of Goal
$3,436 Raised

Heart Disease and Stroke are the #2 and #3 killers of Canadians every single year. By donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, you are helping create much need research and awareness in your community. Of every dollar raised, $0.58 goes to fund life-saving research, advocacy and health promotion, and $0.38 is invested in fundraising and engaging Canadians in healthy activities. Whether is it creating Your Own fundraiser, Jump for Heart, BigBike or Canvassing. http://www.heartandstroke.ca/get-involved Life. We don't want you to miss it. That's why we lead the fight against heart disease and stroke.

To make a direct donation to The Heart and Stroke Foundation, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Colin McFadyen$1,015.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$755.00
Waymark Babes$463.00
Ben Mooy$330.00
Jesse Lapointe$275.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$250.00
Duane Faris$215.00
Blair Collins$77.55
Linda Nolet$20.00
Anna Lindsay  donated  $100.00        Avinash Chidambaram  donated  $100.00        CHERYL DURLING  donated  $100.00        Duane Faris  donated  $100.00        Janet Hayes  donated  $100.00        Jim Steel  donated  $100.00        Kevin Webb  donated  $100.00        Les and Zona Pereira  donated  $100.00        Maria Szikszai  donated  $100.00        Martin & Sophie  donated  $100.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $100.00        Blair Collins  donated  $77.55        Doris and Steve Giroux  donated  $55.00        Emma Lindsay  donated  $55.00        Les Robinson  donated  $55.00        Linda and Art Rathburn  donated  $55.00        Pauline and Marc Martel  donated  $55.00        Ray & Julie Lapointe  donated  $55.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $55.00        Shelley Solymar  donated  $55.00        Andrew Fieder  donated  $50.00        Baba (Mike's grandmother)  donated  $50.00        Boris Bespaloff  donated  $50.00        Creppin Realty Group  donated  $50.00        J Hugh O'Donnell  donated  $50.00        Jamie Windle  donated  $50.00        Kayla Weames  donated  $50.00        Larica McFadyen  donated  $50.00        Sarah-Jane Eady  donated  $50.00        Susan McAleer  donated  $50.00        Susanne & Brian Sambleson  donated  $50.00        Amelia Campbell  donated  $40.00        Gillian Latham  donated  $40.00        Julie Sheremeto  donated  $40.00        Renee Cloutier  donated  $40.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $40.00        Billy Zimmer  donated  $36.00        Cheryl Zimmer  donated  $36.00        Brooke  donated  $35.00        Carl Dobbin  donated  $35.00        Dave Thornley  donated  $35.00        Jesse Lapointe  donated  $35.00        Orly Aaron  donated  $35.00        Renee Lafleur  donated  $35.00        25  donated  $25.00        Ben Mooy  donated  $25.00        Britt and Eric  donated  $25.00        Jen Hulett  donated  $25.00        Jodi Tapping  donated  $25.00        John R  donated  $25.00        Malcolm Tynan  donated  $25.00        Michelle Brynkus  donated  $25.00        Robert Hornung  donated  $25.00        Rosalie Schwartz  donated  $25.00        serge duval  donated  $25.00        A&D Liszewski  donated  $20.00        Armand Robert  donated  $20.00        Charles LAVALLEE  donated  $20.00        GEORGE A WALTON  donated  $20.00        Hasib Mamtaz  donated  $20.00        Ian McFadyen  donated  $20.00        Jason Baillargeon  donated  $20.00        Julie Bigras  donated  $20.00        Linda Nolet  donated  $20.00        Natalie McFadyen  donated  $20.00        Andrea Krochmalnek  donated  $18.00        David  donated  $18.00        Amelie Duval Courchesne  donated  $10.00        belal aly  donated  $10.00        Lianne Kevan  donated  $10.00        Neil Page  donated  $10.00        Scott Murray  donated  $10.00        Claudette Mondor  donated an undisclosed amount         Dan Baird  donated an undisclosed amount         Lorraine Lafond  donated an undisclosed amount         Nancy  donated an undisclosed amount         Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount        
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