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Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa
$20,000 Goal
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$1,080 Raised

Everyday Champions is a one-on-one match with a child, youth or adult with a disability; or a match with group home residents who have disabilities.Through our matching programs we see profound differences in the lives of people with a disability. The benefits for those who are matched with a volunteer advocate may include: reduced loneliness and isolation, help to achieve hopes and dreams, assistance to develop personal networks and relationships, decreased vulnerability, increased self-confidence and improved mental and physical health

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Top Fundraisers

Brian Tardif$480.00
Veronica Anderson$200.00
Daniel Anderson$140.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$100.00
Andrea Hitchon$55.00
Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa General Donations$5.00

Top Teams

Citizen Advocacy$1,025.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $200.00        Bill Clelland  donated  $100.00        Matthew Anderson  donated  $100.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $100.00        Brenda Morris  donated  $55.00        Debbie & Greg Driscoll  donated  $55.00        Greg  donated  $55.00        Marta  donated  $55.00        Bradley Parsons  donated  $20.00        Cameron Wilson  donated  $20.00        Viviane Tardif  donated  $5.00        Alison Bradford  donated an undisclosed amount         Jane  donated an undisclosed amount         Mike Leo  donated an undisclosed amount         Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Suzanne  donated an undisclosed amount        
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