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The Good Companions Seniors Centre
$25,000 Goal
14% of Goal
$3,526 Raised

Our Centre provides meals and refreshments as well a variety of programs and services in the realms of physical fitness, continuing education, language, games, performing arts, crafting, in-house services and we also coordinate an Adult Day Program: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We also connect clients and create friendships through our innovative Seniors Centre Without Walls Program. A variety of Community Support Services are also provided to seniors and adults with physical disabilities living in Centretown and North-East Ottawa. We support more than 2,300 members /clients every year! To provide these services we need your help! Fundraise with Team TGC today!

To make a direct donation to The Good Companions Seniors Centre, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Monique Doolittle Romas$1,040.00
Mariola Kolakowski$850.00
Nicole MacLean$625.00
Leah Canning$285.00
Brenda Packer$235.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$195.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$121.00
Vlodek Hnatiuk$110.00
Frank Bowie$25.00
Darlene Powers$20.00
Anne Kendall$20.00

Top Teams

TEAM TGC$3,526.00
Rob Chouinard  donated  $260.00        Your Parents  donated  $150.00        leo godwin  donated  $111.00        Albert McNutt  donated  $100.00        Danielle & Woilford Whissell  donated  $100.00        Louise H.  donated  $100.00        Lynn Harnden  donated  $100.00        Monique Doolittle  donated  $100.00        Nicole MacLean  donated  $100.00        Patrick & Michael  donated  $100.00        Catherine Tremblay  donated  $90.00        Jolanta Hnatiuk  donated  $75.00        Mark Hartigan  donated  $75.00        Sylvain Whissell  donated  $75.00        Kim & Brian Purcell  donated  $55.00        Maurice Villeneuve  donated  $55.00        Myra Sideris  donated  $55.00        Patryk Kolakowski  donated  $55.00        Patti Anne Negusanti  donated  $55.00        Vosburgh Family  donated  $55.00        Wendy Tang  donated  $55.00        Anna Lam  donated  $50.00        Anonymous  donated  $50.00        Barbara MW  donated  $50.00        Dan Saikaley  donated  $50.00        Darek Kolakowski  donated  $50.00        DAVID HAY  donated  $50.00        Leslie Hartigan  donated  $50.00        Lorraine McGregor  donated  $50.00        Louis Duranleau  donated  $50.00        Margaret Egan  donated  $50.00        Mariola Kolakowski  donated  $50.00        Mars and Jacquie  donated  $50.00        Paul Lansbergen  donated  $50.00        Richard Godding  donated  $50.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $50.00        Steven Ilnicki  donated  $50.00        Timothy Andrade  donated  $50.00        Dawn Duncan  donated  $45.00        Annelieze Apholz  donated  $40.00        Andre Skrzypek  donated  $35.00        Andrzej Wiszniewski  donated  $35.00        Krystyna Wiszniewska  donated  $35.00        Maria Krawiec  donated  $35.00        Mariola Kolakowski  donated  $35.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $35.00        AndrewM  donated  $25.00        CJ  donated  $25.00        Joanne MacKenzie  donated  $25.00        Louise Martin  donated  $25.00        Sylvie C.  donated  $25.00        Amy  donated  $20.00        Ana  donated  $20.00        Brenda Packer  donated  $20.00        Brent Voisey  donated  $20.00        Dawn Duncan  donated  $20.00        Jim Carmichael  donated  $20.00        Joe Brown  donated  $20.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $20.00        Julie Cayen  donated  $10.00        Marilyn O'Neill O'Neill  donated  $5.00        Jacqueline Hunter  donated an undisclosed amount         Maria & Aaron Feldman  donated an undisclosed amount         Mike Pauli  donated an undisclosed amount         Monique Doolittle Romas  donated an undisclosed amount        
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