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Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
$20,000 Goal
20% of Goal
$4,095 Raised

By joining our Cancer Champions team, YOU can help hundreds of local families access support through Cancer Coaching and find the tools and resources they need to help them manage the effects of cancer on their lives - physically and psychologically. Your support will also fund research and local clinical trials so that families can have better access to treatment options and give them more time to do the things they love with the people they love. Join our Cancer Champions team today and give someone you know living with cancer HOPE for a better tomorrow.

To make a direct donation to Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$2,740.00
Kendra Bunny Hoskin$725.00
Will Clarke$500.00
Jeff Beresnikow$25.00
Brenda Hollingsworth  donated  $2,525.00        Jim Shepherd  donated  $200.00        DAD  donated  $100.00        Dan McNicoll  donated  $100.00        Janet Lancaster  donated  $100.00        Karen  donated  $100.00        Nano and Gran  donated  $60.00        Blaine McDonald  donated  $55.00        Brigitt McGreevy  donated  $55.00        Chantal Hierlihy  donated  $50.00        Jennifer Howell  donated  $50.00        Marilyn Engelbert  donated  $50.00        McLean's & Gillan's  donated  $50.00        Mia Clarke  donated  $50.00        Tammy English  donated  $50.00        Joanne and David  donated  $40.00        Alex Suttie  donated  $35.00        Allison Suttie  donated  $35.00        Aunt Barb  donated  $35.00        Brenda Hoskin  donated  $35.00        Peter Angus  donated  $35.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $35.00        Vanessa Niedzielski & David Clarke  donated  $30.00        Dorothy Redhead  donated  $25.00        James Starling  donated  $25.00        Anna Cunningham  donated  $20.00        Brent Pretty  donated  $20.00        Des O'Neill  donated  $20.00        Glen Reitsma  donated  $20.00        Meg & Chris  donated  $20.00        Nicholas Jardeleza  donated  $20.00        Randy Villeneuve  donated  $20.00        Vanessa Papiernik  donated  $10.00        Jessica Filoso  donated  $5.00        Sonia Labrie  donated  $5.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount        
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