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Upstream Ottawa (Project Upstream)
$6,000 Goal
3% of Goal
$200 Raised

Our Youth Program is not covered by our core funding, which is why we annually raise funds to ensure youth in our community continue to have access to high quality, client centered mental health support. Catering to youth aged 16-24, the program addresses a critical window of treatment time for youth suffering from mental illness; care and support during this time is crucial to their future success as early intervention is key to preventing the poor outcomes typically associated with lack of treatment. Join us to make a difference!

To make a direct donation to Upstream Ottawa (Project Upstream), please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Michael Snook, Snook Consulting  donated  $100.00        Running to 'Raise the Roof'  donated  $50.00        Tinhead  donated  $50.00       
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