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Heart House Hospice
$15,000 Goal
14% of Goal
$2,026 Raised

Hospice is about making the most of every moment. Heart House Hospice provide care and support to individuals with terminal illnesses and their families in Brampton and Mississauga. Your support through the Mississauga Marathon directly impacts the lives of your friends and neighbours. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. We are honoured that you have chosen Heart House Hospice as your charity of choice. We wish you a great run!

To make a direct donation to Heart House Hospice, please visit our fundraising page.Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Kelly McLaughlin$1,260.00
Mary Lott$450.00
Kathy Ratchford$290.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge $1.00

Top Teams

Muriel haney  donated  $500.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $250.00        Deb & (Jim) Hughey  donated  $125.00        Janet Z  donated  $100.00        Mary  donated  $100.00        Mike & Sharron  donated  $100.00        Bernadette Rogers  donated  $55.00        Julia von Flotow  donated  $55.00        Tracy Eckebrecht  donated  $55.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $50.00        Garry Glowacki  donated  $50.00        J. Miller-Reid  donated  $50.00        Jacqui Gardner  donated  $50.00        Kerry  donated  $50.00        Peter Mathewson  donated  $50.00        Cheri Plaskon  donated  $35.00        Linda Marlow  donated  $35.00        Ranjana Sahai  donated  $35.00        Antonio  donated  $25.00        Danell Day  donated  $25.00        Heather Warner  donated  $25.00        Jeannette Fletcher  donated  $25.00        Robert Jessup-Ramsay  donated  $25.00        Stephanie Bartholomew  donated  $25.00        Kelly McLaughlin  donated  $20.00        Ruth Reid  donated  $20.00        Xenia Avvakumova  donated  $20.00        test artez  donated  $1.00        Denise Kunz  donated an undisclosed amount         Robert Beeho  donated an undisclosed amount         Val Avvakumov  donated an undisclosed amount        
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