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Bonny Lea Farm
$10,000 Goal
23% of Goal
$2,252 Raised

Ever wonder if you make a difference? We know that you do! Your commitment to 37 adults who call Bonny Lea Farm home, as well as those who come to work here each day in one of our enriching programs, has helped us to build a strong foundation. This year's goal $10,000. The project- Smoothin' for Cruisin' Part 2. Help us remove the humps and bumps created through use, time and weather along the routes used by our participants to get to and from work each day. Join our team or be a sponsor! Follow us on Facebook!

To make a direct donation to Bonny Lea Farm please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Debbie Austin$881.25
Tom Clancey$366.00
Karen Healy$205.00
Susan Collins$100.00
Lynn Rafuse$86.25
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$60.00
Hansi Voegele$50.00
Anton Voegele$50.00
Carlisle Norwood$50.00
Marilyn Hood$35.00
Barbara Cartthew$25.00
Kathy Demone$23.00
Jane Rafuse$5.00

Top Teams

Mary Ellen Clancey  donated  $200.00        Bonita Church  donated  $100.00        Catherine Collins  donated  $100.00        Cousin Erin  donated  $100.00        Darryl Austin  donated  $100.00        Jesslyn Munro  donated  $100.00        Jim and Barbara King  donated  $100.00        Merlene Austin  donated  $100.00        Cousin Tara  donated  $75.00        DEBBIE AUSTIN  donated  $60.00        C MacDonald  donated  $50.00        Carlisle Norwood  donated  $50.00        Cousin Patsy  donated  $50.00        Melinda Sasek  donated  $50.00        Sandra Voegele  donated  $50.00        Sandra Voegele  donated  $50.00        Sarah, Logan & Owen  donated  $50.00        Sheila Hanrahan  donated  $50.00        Jean MCarg  donated  $40.00        Ann Laidlaw  donated  $35.00        Marilyn Hood  donated  $35.00        Barbara Cartthew  donated  $25.00        Brian & Thomas  donated  $25.00        Diana McCloskey  donated  $25.00        door to door  donated  $25.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $25.00        Janet Caldwell  donated  $25.00        door to door  donated  $22.75        door to door  donated  $21.25        Carol Nauss  donated  $20.00        Chester Basin Gas and Grocery  donated  $20.00        Toby Norwood  donated  $20.00        door to door  donated  $16.00        door to door  donated  $13.50        door to door  donated  $13.00        Kelly Myra  donated  $10.00        Otto VanBarneveld  donated  $10.00        Otto VanBarneveld  donated  $10.00        Whit Giffin  donated  $10.00        Bonita Church  donated  $5.00        Cindy Hannaford  donated  $5.00        Una Linehan  donated  $5.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Hiram Carver  donated an undisclosed amount         Kevin  donated an undisclosed amount         Marylou Bowse  donated an undisclosed amount         Norma and Carl Goodwin  donated an undisclosed amount         Tonji Stewart  donated an undisclosed amount        
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