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Bonny Lea Farm
$10,000 Goal
133% of Goal
$13,328 Raised

Ever wonder if you make a difference? We know that you do! Your commitment to 37 adults who call Bonny Lea Farm home, as well as those who come to work here each day in one of our enriching programs, has helped us to build a strong foundation. This year's goal $10,000. The project- Smoothin' for Cruisin' Part 2. Help us remove the humps and bumps created through use, time and weather along the routes used by our participants to get to and from work each day. Join our team or be a sponsor! Follow us on Facebook!

To make a direct donation to Bonny Lea Farm please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Holly Vanbarneveld$1,580.00
Debbie Austin$1,566.25
Tom Clancey$528.50
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$510.00
Karen Healy$380.00
Marilyn Hood$330.00
Laurie Anne Hughes$200.00
Susan Collins$150.00
Elizabeth Flemming$150.00
Ronnie Awalt$140.00
Lynn Rafuse$139.50
Andrew Boswell$100.00
Josh Veinot$100.00
Ross Porter$100.00
Ben Porter$100.00
David Huskins$60.00
Barbara Cartthew$50.00
Carlisle Norwood$50.00
Adam Gummeson$50.00
Hansi Voegele$50.00
Anton Voegele$50.00
Kathy Demone$44.00
Stacey Macdonald$25.00
Jane Rafuse$5.00

Top Teams

John Biebesheimer  donated  $1,000.00        Chester Basin, New Ross, Chester Lions Club  donated  $800.00        anonymous  donated  $500.00        Eric Feldbauer  donated  $300.00        Suzanne Flemming & Greg Varga  donated  $250.00        The Hansen MacDonald's  donated  $250.00        Welland Animal Health Inc.  donated  $250.00        Philippe Degraeve  donated  $200.00        Suzanne Flemming & Greg Varga  donated  $150.00        Andrew Boswell  donated  $100.00        Barbie Nunn-Porter  donated  $100.00        Barbie Nunn-Porter  donated  $100.00        Cousin Ella  donated  $100.00        David Hilchey  donated  $100.00        Elizabeth Finck  donated  $100.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $100.00        George Veinot  donated  $100.00        Grammie  donated  $100.00        individual anonymous  donated  $100.00        Janet Creaser  donated  $100.00        Judy & John Grice  donated  $100.00        Marguerite Makin  donated  $100.00        Mark and Betty  donated  $100.00        individual anonymous  donated  $55.50        Edwin Campbell  donated  $55.00        Jim & Ferne  donated  $55.00        Alison Austin  donated  $50.00        Amanda Walker  donated  $50.00        Ann Gummeson  donated  $50.00        Aunt June  donated  $50.00        Brenda and Ira Huskins  donated  $50.00        Duncan Gillis  donated  $50.00        Dwayne and Jen Chambers  donated  $50.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $50.00        Heather, Dave, Jessica and Mitchell  donated  $50.00        Kim and John Tait  donated  $50.00        Landon and Madison  donated  $50.00        maryann helgesen  donated  $50.00        Philip Hood  donated  $50.00        Susanne Wise  donated  $50.00        Lisa Harrison  donated  $40.00        Marie VanBarneveld  donated  $40.00        Beverly Austin, Brian & Regan Yuill  donated  $35.00        Laurie Austin  donated  $35.00        Sandee Maclean  donated  $35.00        Suzanne Mucklow  donated  $35.00        Gillian Trueman  donated  $25.00        ivy helgesen  donated  $25.00        Maggie Loates  donated  $25.00        Alida du Plooy  donated  $20.00        Brian Duggan  donated  $20.00        David Huskins  donated  $20.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $20.00        individual anonymous  donated  $20.00        Jack Flemming  donated  $20.00        Katie Duggan  donated  $20.00        Ken Van Barneveld  donated  $20.00        Marjone Bezeau  donated  $20.00        Mark Hughes  donated  $20.00        Melony Melanson  donated  $20.00        Peter Duggan  donated  $20.00        Peyton Duggan  donated  $20.00        Rick Fraughton  donated  $20.00        Ted and Marie MacDonald  donated  $20.00        Wayne Rafuse  donated  $20.00        individual anonymous  donated  $15.00        individual anonymous  donated  $14.00        Anne Flinn  donated  $10.00        Betty Hughes  donated  $10.00        Kim Geldart  donated  $10.00        Mike Duggan  donated  $10.00        Nathan Hughes  donated  $10.00        Nora Perry  donated  $10.00        Otto VanBarneveld  donated  $10.00        Susan Parsons  donated  $10.00        Susan Parsons  donated  $10.00        Susan Parsons  donated  $10.00        Tony Demone  donated  $10.00        Anna Silverman  donated  $7.00        Christine Beck  donated  $6.00        Sharon LeBlanc  donated  $6.00        Betty Veinot  donated  $5.00        Colleen Fitzgerald  donated  $5.00        individual anonymous  donated  $5.00        Jeff Fitzgerald  donated  $5.00        Mark Hughes  donated  $5.00        Patty McGill  donated  $5.00        Sharon Church  donated  $5.00        Susan Parsons  donated  $5.00        Terri Longmire  donated  $5.00        William Rafuse  donated  $5.00        individual anonymous  donated  $4.00        individual anonymous  donated  $2.25        individual anonymous  donated  $2.00        Briean Kenward and Justin Williams  donated an undisclosed amount         Carthew family  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Lisa & Dean  donated an undisclosed amount         maryann helgesen  donated an undisclosed amount         Stephanie & Tom Guglielmone  donated an undisclosed amount        
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