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Aphasia Association
$7,000 Goal
48% of Goal
$3,381 Raised

The Nova Scotia Aphasia Association is excited about the Blue Nose Marathon and welcomes all walkers & runners! The NSAA advocates for people living with aphasia in Nova Scotia, and provides community services to help them “relearn” language skills after stroke or other brain injury. About 500 Nova Scotians acquire aphasia each year. Team Aphasia needs you and needs your help! Your sponsorships will help Nova Scotians living with aphasia to participate in life, again, as community members!unity members!

To make a direct donation to Nova Scotia Aphasia Association please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$600.00
Judy Arbique$545.00
Jim Matthews$331.00
Gord McNeil$320.00
Anne Rendell$260.00
Cindy Coady$225.00
Emma Wilson-Pease$160.00
Kristine Atwood-Haase$145.00
Kelsey Holt$110.00
Jennifer Guinchard$100.00
Kevin Arbique$100.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$75.00
Jane Warren$55.00
Paulette Cullins$55.00

Top Teams

Team Aphasia $2,621.00
Cindy Beaton  donated  $200.00        Gary and Debbie Arbique  donated  $200.00        Chris  donated  $100.00        Gord McNeil  donated  $100.00        Jennifer Guinchard  donated  $100.00        John & Jan Rahey  donated  $100.00        Ruth Robillard  donated  $100.00        Bryan  donated  $55.00        Celesta Gerow  donated  $55.00        Katie MacIsaac-Mattie  donated  $55.00        Lloyd Rendell  donated  $55.00        Paulette Cullins  donated  $55.00        Raymond T. Carman  donated  $55.00        Aaron Newman  donated  $50.00        Cindy Coady  donated  $50.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $50.00        Gen Gillis  donated  $50.00        Jamie Trimm  donated  $50.00        Janet Smith  donated  $50.00        Joan Versnel  donated  $50.00        Kathy Matthews  donated  $50.00        Makoto Matsuoka  donated  $50.00        Paula  donated  $50.00        Sally Faught  donated  $50.00        Sara Matthews  donated  $50.00        Cindy Beaton  donated  $40.00        Cindy Coady  donated  $40.00        Mike and Patti Leclerc  donated  $40.00        Tracey MacDonald  donated  $40.00        Carol Pelton  donated  $35.00        erin  donated  $35.00        Gina Pelham  donated  $35.00        Spike  donated  $35.00        Bride Holt  donated  $25.00        Cheryl Cooper  donated  $25.00        Danny Morris  donated  $25.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $25.00        Karen & Lee  donated  $25.00        Kathryn  donated  $25.00        Kristine Atwood-Haase  donated  $25.00        Lynn Amiro  donated  $25.00        Lynn Amiro  donated  $25.00        Martha Collicutt  donated  $25.00        Phyllis Atwood  donated  $25.00        Theresa MacCormack  donated  $25.00        Alexis  donated  $20.00        Carol Webber  donated  $20.00        Emily  donated  $20.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $20.00        Ginny & George Doucet  donated  $20.00        Giovanni Garau  donated  $20.00        Jane Warren  donated  $20.00        Joe McDonald  donated  $20.00        Ken Mitchell  donated  $20.00        marg campbell  donated  $20.00        Sandra Wright Shaw  donated  $20.00        Sheila  donated  $20.00        Ronald & Nancy Atwood  donated  $15.00        Albie MacIntyre  donated  $10.00        Amelia Mesdag  donated  $10.00        Barry Duggan  donated  $10.00        Brian Galletly  donated  $10.00        Dr. Sayed M. Mirbod  donated  $10.00        Elsie Cholette  donated  $10.00        Florence Dunford  donated  $10.00        Joan McKinnon  donated  $10.00        Joann  donated  $10.00        Kathy Marczak  donated  $10.00        Kelsey Holt  donated  $10.00        Marjorie MacDougall  donated  $10.00        Sylvia Clattenburg  donated  $10.00        Tammy Young  donated  $10.00        Tony Dubois  donated  $10.00        Tony Dubois  donated  $10.00        Tony Fakhory  donated  $10.00        Tony Mauro  donated  $10.00        John Wells  donated  $6.00        Colleen Zinck  donated  $5.00        Cuthbert Ann  donated  $5.00        Joan Lee  donated  $5.00        John Shanahan  donated  $5.00        Judy Williams  donated  $5.00        Mitch Hirtle  donated  $5.00        Roy Hilchey  donated  $5.00        Wendy Bushen  donated  $5.00        Blaise  donated an undisclosed amount         Connie Benjamin Webster  donated an undisclosed amount         Corey Filiaggi  donated an undisclosed amount         Ernie and Maureen  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Harry and Cathy Halliday  donated an undisclosed amount         Linda Yeates  donated an undisclosed amount         Lorenza  donated an undisclosed amount         Maureen MacNeill  donated an undisclosed amount         Paula Yeates  donated an undisclosed amount         Tammy MacFadyen  donated an undisclosed amount        
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