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The Club Inclusion
$10,000 Goal
113% of Goal
$11,327 Raised

A lack of support and isolation for those with disabilities, especially as children reach adulthood, puts an enormous strain on young people and their families. As one parent outlined in our needs analysis: Being part of a community and having friends can mean the difference between happiness and depression for someone with special needs. Social supports are a key factor in emotional and mental health. By sponsoring a Member, you will give someone the chance to have new experiences, learn skills, and increase confidence.

To make a direct donation to The Club Inclusion, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Anna Gillis$4,685.00
Luc Desrosiers$1,810.00
Conar Clory$1,155.00
Amelia Donahue$950.00
Anne Louise Desrosiers$875.00
Blaire Murphy$545.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$497.00
Karlee Elliott$205.00
Sarah Malay$150.00
Christine Riley$90.00
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge$85.00
Catherine Densmore$80.00
Max Owen$65.00
Youssef Massoud$50.00

Top Teams

Team Club 2017$11,162.00
Mike and Jane Gillis  donated  $250.00        Anil Sachdev  donated  $100.00        Cath  donated  $100.00        Erica Baker Psychological Services Ltd  donated  $100.00        John and Carly Traves  donated  $100.00        Laura  donated  $100.00        Lynn Kontak  donated  $100.00        Roe & Chantal McFarlane  donated  $100.00        Sarah MacArthur  donated  $100.00        Scott & Donna Carr  donated  $100.00        Sue and Mike Sampson  donated  $100.00        Valerie Wright  donated  $100.00        Alan Clory  donated  $55.00        Catherine Mckellar  donated  $55.00        Claudine Szpilfogel  donated  $55.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $55.00        Grammy and Grampie Donahue  donated  $55.00        Mom and Dad  donated  $55.00        Amber Phaneuf  donated  $50.00        Atula Joshi  donated  $50.00        Bryan and Chelsea Owens  donated  $50.00        Donna Zaghloul  donated  $50.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $50.00        Geoff & Joyce Goss  donated  $50.00        Glenda Power  donated  $50.00        John and Janice Farmer  donated  $50.00        Margaret Hache  donated  $50.00        Mark and Tammy  donated  $50.00        Paul Barrett  donated  $50.00        The Andersons  donated  $50.00        The MacNaughtons  donated  $50.00        Anne Louise Desrosiers  donated  $40.00        Doug Allan  donated  $40.00        Eva Przybylska  donated  $40.00        Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $40.00        Jamie Munro  donated  $40.00        Lorne Verabioff  donated  $40.00        Maggie  donated  $40.00        Nancy Riggs  donated  $40.00        Faye Kingston  donated  $35.00        Janet Cunningham  donated  $35.00        Kathleen Coleman  donated  $35.00        Nancy MacAfee  donated  $35.00        Tanya Jarvis  donated  $35.00        anonymous  donated  $25.00        Aunt Mary and Uncle Jack  donated  $25.00        Cindy Schurman  donated  $25.00        Courtney Wingfield  donated  $25.00        Heather, Dale and Jo-Ann  donated  $25.00        Margaret Campbell  donated  $25.00        Mike Hoyt  donated  $25.00        Ramil  donated  $25.00        Sharon Malay  donated  $25.00        Shelley and Neil Wingfield  donated  $25.00        The Stirlings  donated  $25.00        Wendy Williamson  donated  $25.00        Andrew Tulloch  donated  $20.00        Bailey Ference  donated  $20.00        Brad Ruggles  donated  $20.00        Dane phaneuf  donated  $20.00        Darrell Taylor  donated  $20.00        Friend  donated  $20.00        Jennifer Shannon  donated  $20.00        Jerry Barrie  donated  $20.00        Joan Horne  donated  $20.00        Joan Malay  donated  $20.00        Joan Rounsefell  donated  $20.00        Kelly Organ  donated  $20.00        Lenora Green  donated  $20.00        Lisa Harrietha-Benson  donated  $20.00        Lottie Lloy  donated  $20.00        M. Crooks  donated  $20.00        Rosie Rogerson  donated  $20.00        Roslynn Marlow  donated  $20.00        Shea Lenehan  donated  $20.00        Terry Chen  donated  $20.00        Terry Westhaver  donated  $20.00        The Larade Family  donated  $20.00        Tracy Moreau  donated  $20.00        Carla Beyreis  donated  $10.00        Jamie Sampson  donated  $10.00        Janet B  donated  $10.00        Janet Power  donated  $10.00        Jessica Han  donated  $10.00        Linda Felix  donated  $10.00        Pam Nearing  donated  $10.00        Roy Longmire  donated  $10.00        Terry Oakley  donated  $10.00        Paul Cranh  donated  $7.00        Friend  donated  $5.00        Aunt Julia !  donated an undisclosed amount         Dr. Matthias Scheffler Inc.  donated an undisclosed amount         Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated an undisclosed amount         Holly Geurs  donated an undisclosed amount         Jodi Reid  donated an undisclosed amount         Joe & Lynn  donated an undisclosed amount         Munro family  donated an undisclosed amount         Myranda Stuart  donated an undisclosed amount         Shelley and Martin  donated an undisclosed amount         The Davis Family  donated an undisclosed amount        
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