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$3,500 Goal
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$2,709 Raised

Join Team Silver Sneakers as we raise funds to support physical activity options for seniors at all levels of income and ability. Help our seniors to establish fitness programs (indoor walking, chair exercise, tai chi) so they can continue to live independently in their chosen community. Help us to raise much needed funds so older adults can make healthy choices without breaking the bank! Join our team and help to remove barriers and promote healthy ageing in Halifax Metro. To make a direct donation to Community Links please visit our donation page. Thank you!

To make a direct donation to Community Links, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

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Silver Sneakers$2,708.50
Friend of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge  donated  $500.00        Cash donations  donated  $195.00        Harry Pitcher  donated  $130.00        Eric thomson  donated  $100.00        cash donations  donated  $64.50        Cash Donations  donated  $60.00        Anne Corbin  donated  $50.00        Connie Boyd  donated  $50.00        David Youd  donated  $50.00        Rebecca Mosher  donated  $50.00        Sandi and Steve Corbin  donated  $50.00        Tamara McKay  donated  $50.00        Walker's Gas & Electric  donated  $50.00        Cash donations  donated  $45.00        Cash Donations  donated  $44.00        Anne Peltekian  donated  $35.00        Diann  donated  $35.00        Alexander Gale  donated  $20.00        Anonymous  donated  $20.00        Auguste D Ndjountche  donated  $20.00        Barbara Wile  donated  $20.00        Cheryl MacInnis  donated  $20.00        Connie Smith  donated  $20.00        Corlene Leslie  donated  $20.00        Eileen Jacques  donated  $20.00        Elaine Swinamer  donated  $20.00        Elaine Swinamer  donated  $20.00        Graeme Bethune  donated  $20.00        Heidi Stierli  donated  $20.00        Holomew Reid  donated  $20.00        Jan Biss  donated  $20.00        Johanna Ternan  donated  $20.00        John Stuart  donated  $20.00        Lance Mueller  donated  $20.00        Lorna Wanzel  donated  $20.00        Mae Baird  donated  $20.00        Margaret Smith  donated  $20.00        Mark & Flora Crozsman  donated  $20.00        Mary Sandilands  donated  $20.00        Mel Neily  donated  $20.00        Nancy Gray  donated  $20.00        Ruby McDorman  donated  $20.00        Sharon MacLeod  donated  $20.00        Sheila MacDonald  donated  $20.00        Shirley Armstrong  donated  $20.00        Shirley Vaughan  donated  $20.00        Spencer Wagner  donated  $20.00        Tim McNabb  donated  $20.00        Tom Rowsell  donated  $20.00        Wendy Hanley  donated  $20.00        John & Florence Labelle  donated  $15.00        Mae Baird  donated  $15.00        Louise Hubley  donated  $12.00        Alison Zinck  donated  $10.00        Angela Berrette  donated  $10.00        Angela Berrette  donated  $10.00        Angela Berrette  donated  $10.00        Anne MacNeil  donated  $10.00        Bertha Lawrence  donated  $10.00        Bertha Lawrence  donated  $10.00        Bertha Scrivens  donated  $10.00        Betty Robart  donated  $10.00        Cash Donations  donated  $10.00        Chris Turner  donated  $10.00        Corlene Leslie  donated  $10.00        Darlene Smith  donated  $10.00        David & Carol Chisholm  donated  $10.00        David Orrell  donated  $10.00        Don Wentzell  donated  $10.00        Elizabeth Germain  donated  $10.00        Helen Foster  donated  $10.00        Irene McLaughlin  donated  $10.00        Jena Maranah  donated  $10.00        Joy Harwood  donated  $10.00        Karen Armour  donated  $10.00        Lin Mickalyk  donated  $10.00        Lois Nordin  donated  $10.00        Lorna Young  donated  $10.00        Lorna Young  donated  $10.00        Marie Arnold  donated  $10.00        Marie Arnold  donated  $10.00        Maxine & Gord Townsend  donated  $10.00        Melbra Trenholm  donated  $10.00        Melbra Trenholm  donated  $10.00        Melbra Trenholm  donated  $10.00        Melbra Trenholm  donated  $10.00        Norma Higginbotham  donated  $10.00        Norma Higginbotham  donated  $10.00        Norma Higginbotham  donated  $10.00        Robert Downs  donated  $10.00        Roger Deziel  donated  $10.00        Scott Whalen  donated  $10.00        Sharon Pottie  donated  $10.00        Steven Higginbotham  donated  $10.00        William Pitcher  donated  $10.00        cash donations  donated  $8.00        cash donation  donated  $5.00        Cash Donation  donated  $5.00        Diana Boutilier  donated  $5.00        Judy Bell  donated  $5.00       
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