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CITY OF KINGS --- Southwest Asia

Join us for the 2017 Prayer Journey

Led by the MoveIn Vision Team, the global multi-site Prayer Journey event raises prayer, vision, and funds for the unreached, urban poor. We will pray for specific needs in each neighbourhood and raise up awareness of hard issues, spread the vision of MoveIn in new regions (click here to read the vision), and raise up funds for this cause.


Thank you for registering to participate in this year's Prayer Journey! There is a $15 registration fee for all Canadian locations which helps cover event and coordination costs.

As you join us in raising vision and prayer for the MoveIn vision on June 17, we encourage you to also consider fundraising for our 2017-2018 MoveIn projects which will help further our vision among the unreached, urban poor. The online tools on our website here make fundraising easy! Raise $150 to waive your $15 registration fee. Go to www.prayerjourney.global/projects for more details.

Click below to sign up to participate, log in for participants, search for a participant to sponsor, or donate generally towards a MoveIn project.

"The City of Kings" or "The Heartbeat of Middle Earth" as some call this city, is at the crossroads of civilizations and international tensions, plus war and poverty have wreaked a heavy toll. Please pray for an advance into hearts of the poor there.

Join an experienced MoveIner and career global worker who has served in this region to lead you in discovering and praying for this city where we find some of the most poor and unreached people in our world. This is an incredible opportunity for mature leaders and growing servants who have a heart for Southwest Asia, desire to grow in prayer for this region, or are testing a call to move there.

Register now, or contact us at prayerjourney@movein.to to inquire about joining this Prayer Journey.


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