Panama City Beach
$33,000 Goal
17% of Goal
$5,481 Raised


Join us at one of three locations to charge into the chilly waters to raise awareness and funds for Special Olympics Florida which currently serves more than 42,000 athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities! Sign up here, fundraise, create a costume, laugh, cheer, and PLUNGE with a community that shares your passion to help individuals with intellectual disabilities thrive and excel.

As we continue momentum in building awareness, the 2018 Panama City Polar Plunge has been re-scheduled to December 2018. Should you have any questions the Special Olympics Florida team can be reached at 352 243 9536 ext. 341, or

Panama City Beach - December 2018
Aquatica, Orlando - Saturday, February 10th
Hanna Park / Jacksonville - Saturday, February 17th

Polar Plunge continues to improve the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Plunge because YOU are a change agent and YOU can make a difference.

Polar Plunge Resources: (click link below)

Team Captain Handbook
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Fundraising Incentives - Panama City Beach

Break out the swim trunks, sunglasses and mittens and get set to get wet. With every gutsy splash, you’ll be helping our athletes discover how glorious it is to be a Special Olympics champion. 

Pier Park Panama City
600 Pier Park Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32413


Douglas Chambers  donated  $300.00        Emerald Coast lodge #44, Faternal Order of Police  donated  $200.00        Florida-Bermuda Moose Association, Inc  donated  $159.30        Florida-Bermuda Moose Association, Inc  donated  $159.30        Keri Cresto  donated  $150.00        Cash Donations  donated  $100.00        Liz Coatsworth and Friends  donated  $100.00        Jeana Werwath  donated  $50.00        MIKE BRANHAM  donated  $50.00        Charlie Little  donated  $25.00        Donna Lemmon  donated  $25.00        Katelyn Ward  donated  $25.00        River Sheridan  donated  $25.00        April Mitkins  donated  $20.00        Jennifer Richards  donated  $20.00        Kay Bryant  donated  $20.00        Kim Eberhart  donated  $20.00        Lee Brannon  donated  $20.00        Mary Blackwell  donated  $20.00        Mi Yang Storbeck  donated  $20.00        Mike Davis  donated  $20.00        Rachel Miller  donated  $20.00        Sandra Romero  donated  $20.00        Sherry Wheelock  donated  $20.00        Sherry Wheelock  donated  $20.00        Sonja Aalto  donated  $20.00        Thomas Hennegan  donated  $20.00        Wayne Beyer  donated  $20.00        BMW FWB  donated  $15.00        John Seabold  donated  $13.00        Amy Simon  donated  $10.00        Anonymous  donated  $10.00        Barbara Britt  donated  $10.00        Bernita Everett  donated  $10.00        Danny Vinson  donated  $10.00        Gary Palmetto  donated  $10.00        Howard Aalto  donated  $10.00        Mike Giammarosi  donated  $10.00        Nancy LeBold  donated  $10.00        Nicole Morrison  donated  $10.00        Pat Hicks  donated  $10.00        Percy Williams  donated  $10.00        Prasit Pegues  donated  $10.00        Ralph Hollandsworth  donated  $10.00        Seth Everett  donated  $10.00        Steve Berrett  donated  $10.00        Steve Harker  donated  $10.00        Theressa Jennson  donated  $10.00        Yura Miziara  donated  $10.00        Paul Smith  donated  $8.00        Amanda Colwell  donated  $5.00        Bill Williams  donated  $5.00        Bobby Walkup  donated  $5.00        Bruce King  donated  $5.00        Carlos Vignolo  donated  $5.00        Cash America  donated  $5.00        Chris Stowe  donated  $5.00        Chrissy Howard  donated  $5.00        Christie Morgan  donated  $5.00        Courtney Barnes  donated  $5.00        Diane Fraser  donated  $5.00        Elaine Sheldon  donated  $5.00        Ezis Beverly  donated  $5.00        Jenny Rosenthal  donated  $5.00        Jessica Schwendinger  donated  $5.00        Krystal Sidwell  donated  $5.00        Larry Parsons  donated  $5.00        Lotus Thai  donated  $5.00        Marquetta Youngblood  donated  $5.00        Mary Armstrong  donated  $5.00        Michelle Painter  donated  $5.00        Penelope Gray  donated  $5.00        Skip Walker  donated  $5.00        Spencer Sims  donated  $5.00        Terri Mason  donated  $5.00        Tim Ewen  donated  $5.00        Zhi Xiao  donated  $5.00        Christine DeJongh  donated  $3.00        Judy Usher  donated  $3.00        Adam Kennedy  donated  $2.00        Calvin Ellis  donated  $2.00        carol Mathis  donated  $2.00        David Green  donated  $2.00        Jean Quinones  donated  $2.00        John Summers  donated  $2.00        Spencer Cook  donated  $2.00        Stacy Robert  donated  $2.00        Andrew Salazar  donated  $1.00        Carogna Cororado  donated  $1.00        Eliseo Jimenez  donated  $1.00        Ketlyn Rodriques  donated  $1.00        Krista St Jacques  donated  $1.00        Mikel Claussen  donated  $1.00        Shane Bailiff  donated  $1.00        Sheral Jones  donated  $1.00        Tarvarus Yates  donated  $1.00        Victor Cru  donated  $1.00        Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Anonymous  donated an undisclosed amount         Dayna Stinebiser  donated an undisclosed amount