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Ausome Ottawa
$5,000 Goal
83% of Goal
$4,125 Raised

MOVE. LAUGH. SHARE. Improve your fitness - Build community - Raise funds for Ausome sports/recreation programs T-shirts for all participants. The Ausome Team includes kids and families, staff, volunteers, and friends. Sign-up online for ANY run/ walk event during Ottawa Race Weekend and select Ausome Ottawa as your supported charity. You will make sports and recreation more accessible to kids with autism AND do something for your own fitness. When registering, the website will give you the option to “Create Your Own Fundraising Page” and then provide a drop down menu to choose "Ausome Ottawa" as your charity of choice.

To make a direct donation to Ausome Ottawa, please visit our fundraising page. Thank you!

Top Fundraisers

Stephen Oakey$1,755.00
Thomas Des Brisay$1,050.00
Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter$235.00
Emidio Santroni$215.00
Cedrick Dupuis$100.00
Brandy O'Malley$100.00
Julia Albert$100.00
Nicole Dauz$100.00
Michael Hurley$100.00
Barbara Hurley (Mia)$50.00
Charlie Firth$50.00
Dexter Firth$50.00
Greyson Brunke$45.00
Norah Brunke$45.00
Rachelle Jessome$35.00
Barbara Hurley$35.00
Laura Chapman$25.00

Top Teams

team. ausome.$3,890.00
Julie and Roger Caissie  donated  $250.00        LSO Construction Limited  donated  $200.00        Anne Pitman  donated  $100.00        Brian Eldridge  donated  $100.00        Charles & Cynthia  donated  $100.00        Clark Johnston  donated  $100.00        Kirk & Kate Mackintosh  donated  $100.00        Larry and Sheila Oakey  donated  $100.00        Linda Gallagher  donated  $100.00        Lorraine Hogg  donated  $100.00        Lynn Erichsen  donated  $100.00        MaryAnn Given Des Brisay  donated  $100.00        May Given  donated  $100.00        Michael Hurley  donated  $100.00        Nicole Dauz  donated  $100.00        Peter Des Brisay  donated  $100.00        Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated  $100.00        Tommy Des Brisay  donated  $100.00        Robin Collier  donated  $75.00        Christopher Dye  donated  $60.00        Cheryl R.  donated  $55.00        Eric LeBlanc  donated  $55.00        Jordan & Susan Oakey  donated  $55.00        Terry and Margaret Leclair  donated  $55.00        Alain Bazinet  donated  $50.00        Barbara Hurley (Mia)  donated  $50.00        Brandy O'Malley  donated  $50.00        Caron Fitzpatrick  donated  $50.00        C-Jae and Kevin Breiter  donated  $50.00        Corinne Burke  donated  $50.00        Daniel Kekez  donated  $50.00        Derek Firth  donated  $50.00        Dexter Firth  donated  $50.00        Jean Hamilton-Smith  donated  $50.00        Katherine Kacew  donated  $50.00        Michelle Clusiau  donated  $50.00        Nacho Libre  donated  $50.00        nat  donated  $50.00        Paulson and Laura Burns Des Brisay  donated  $50.00        Sheila Bell  donated  $50.00        Siobhan Stewart  donated  $50.00        Stephen Oakey  donated  $50.00        Amy Cook  donated  $35.00        Aurelian Patroi  donated  $35.00        Barbara Hurley  donated  $35.00        David - Raiders  donated  $35.00        François et Colette Bazinet  donated  $35.00        Iron Mike Sharpe  donated  $35.00        JO-Raiders  donated  $35.00        Morris Raiders  donated  $35.00        Mossman/Gallagher family  donated  $35.00        Rob Walsh  donated  $35.00        Brockway Biggs  donated  $25.00        Craig MacKay  donated  $25.00        Heather Donoghue  donated  $25.00        Katie and Mike Côte  donated  $25.00        Kim McArthur  donated  $25.00        Mary Peeling  donated  $25.00        Michele Drake  donated  $25.00        Nan  donated  $25.00        Christine Brunke  donated  $20.00        Cindy Rogers  donated  $20.00        Peter Brunke  donated  $20.00        The Kiley Family  donated  $10.00        Angela McGree  donated an undisclosed amount         Christine Hehle  donated an undisclosed amount         Dash  donated an undisclosed amount         Nicole Laframboise  donated an undisclosed amount         Scotiabank Charity Challenge Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Sherri Gray  donated an undisclosed amount        
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